Our Fisker Ocean One Build Lock Confirmed, Number Sequence Revealed

Fisker has confirmed the build lock for our Fisker Ocean One and issued a number sequence for our electric vehicle.

Fisker Ocean One in Night Drive, Black Abyss Plus, and F3b SlipStream Wheels.
Fisker Ocean One in Night Drive, Black Abyss Plus, and F3b SlipStream Wheels.

Today, we are pleased to announce that Fisker has informed us our Fisker Ocean One build lock is confirmed. Fisker now has everything they need from us to start production on our Fisker Ocean One with their manufacturing partner. It was only five days ago when our build was locked. It took less than a week for Fisker to confirm our build lock. This process moved quickly all at once. This is very exciting news for us!

Furthermore, the company issued our unique vehicle sequence number. If you recall, each Fisker Ocean One electric SUV will be numbered in a series from #1 through #5,000. The first 5,000 Fisker Ocean Ones are a limited edition series with special features. Our Fisker Ocean One will be number 0469 of 5,000. Once Fisker builds these launch vehicles they will begin production on the Ocean Extreme, Ultra, and Sport trims in that order.

We’ve included a copy of the email we received from Fisker. As you can see, it also lists our build configuration. Our Fisker Ocean One configuration includes the Night Drive exterior, Black Abyss Plus interior, and 22″ F3b SlipStream wheels in black. Furthermore, the communication lists our estimated delivery quarter which is Q2 2023. That means we are now one step closer to driving our very own Fisker Ocean! ??

Fisker Ocean One Build Lock is Confirmed Email.
Fisker Ocean One Build Lock is Confirmed Email.

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8 thoughts on “Our Fisker Ocean One Build Lock Confirmed, Number Sequence Revealed

  1. Well, excited to see Ocean One going into production and deliveries Q2. I understand that I will not get a One but an Extreme instead. AWD to be exact! Looking forward to it, tak skal du have!?

  2. Congrats Sean,
    I was hoping you would receive a number under 100. You certainly deserved it for all the work you do on behalf of Fisker. Oh well I guess politics always gets in the way. Is it too early to start talking about regional Ocean clubs ?

  3. Congrats Sean. I will now address you as Mr. 469. 🙂
    Have you received any financing updates? I’m eager to understand that process.

    Also, it looking like there’s going to be no interior roof shade. Is that right?

    1. Ha ha! No financing updates yet. As soon as we go through the process there will be an article here sharing our experience. As of right now there isn’t any mention of a roof shade.

  4. Fisker Ocean One til Danmark 🇩🇰

    Din ordre er bekræftet
    Tillykke Michael!
    Teamet i Graz har modtaget din ordre, og vi har alt, hvad vi skal bruge for at starte produktionen af din Fisker Ocean One!
    Vi er glade for at kunne præsentere din bils unikke produktionsnummer. Dette nummer bekræfter, at din Fisker Ocean One er en af de første 5.000 køretøjer, der er bygget af Fisker Inc. Du vil som en af vores første 5.000 ejere altid have adgang til dit produktionsnummer via Central Touchscreen på din Fisker Ocean One.
    Velkommen til Fisker Ocean One Club Michael, Din bils produktionsnummer er 3165.
    Tak fordi du er en visionær på rejsen mod en ren fremtid for alle.
    Build Lock-ordrebekræftelse
    Eksteriør: Night Drive
    Interiør: Sea Salt
    Hjul: 22″ F3b SlipStream – Black
    Valgmuligheders: Recycled Floor Mats, Key Fob, Tow Package
    Anslået leveringskvartal: Q1

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