Our Fisker Ocean One Build Is Locked

Fisker has locked our ability to edit our Fisker Ocean One build and has sent our specifications to its manufacturing partner.

Final Notice: Your Ocean One Build Plan Locks Tomorrow

Today, we want to share with you an exciting update! Our Fisker Ocean One vehicle build has been locked and sent to Fisker’s manufacturing partner. We received an email from Fisker requesting us to confirm our final build at the beginning of the week. The email was sent to us on Sunday morning and was a final notice. It requested us to double check our details in the email to make sure the correct specification will be built.

We surely thought it would show our previously saved Fisker Ocean One configuration. However, the email was similar to the Fisker Ocean build confirmation sent last week. It still didn’t include the exterior color, interior color, or wheels we previously selected. Furthermore, the accessories we previously deselected were still on the final email notice. Because of this, it prompted us to get in touch with a Rådgiver. We wanted to make sure what we saw when logged into our Fisker account is what would actually be sent to Magna Steyr.

After messaging with a Rådgiver and telling them about our concern, a case was opened up and an email was sent requesting us to provide more information. The Rådgiver requested screenshots of the email which didn’t list our specifications correctly. They also requested a screenshot of what we see when logging into our Fisker account. After promptly looking into the issue, the Rådgiver confirmed what we see in our account is what will be sent to Fisker’s manufacturing partner. This customer service experience was exceptional. (Thank you Andrew! ?)

Our Fisker Ocean One Final Build

Our Fisker Ocean Build is Locked.

We changed our final build just in time! Before our build was locked, we switched up our final Fisker Ocean configuration from Great White exterior, Black Abyss interior, and 22″ F3 SlipStream wheels in black. We kept the same interior color and wheel selection, but changed our exterior color to Night Drive. Continuing to play with the Fisker Ocean configurator was dangerous! We switched to Night Drive for a few reasons.

Firstly, the main reason we switched from Great White is for the black on black on black look — we love this design! Secondly, we really love how the black plastic trim around the vehicle is concealed with the Night Drive exterior. Lastly, the blue accents on the SolarSky Roof and brake calipers look best to us with the Night Drive exterior.

Now, we know black paint is going to show off a lot of dust and dirt. We previously selected Great White exterior for this exact reason. We don’t wash our cars often enough. Looks like that’s going to change in the near future! We know what we’re getting into by selecting Night Drive and we’re OK with it. We’ve owned two black vehicles previously. They were a lot of work to take care of. When you have such an emotional connection with a vehicle you will do everything to keep it clean. You can be certain our Fisker Ocean will always be spotless!

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8 thoughts on “Our Fisker Ocean One Build Is Locked

  1. For dark colored vehicles it’s always a good idea to get a ceramic coating on the paint. You can also get the rims coated as well. It’s much easier to keep a vehicle clean with the coating. There are quite a few different versions of ceramic coatings and the length of time that they last but do a little research for the best fit for your needs.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation NJ. Been researching it and spoke with a couple installers in town. Have you used any specific brand’s ceramic coating on any of your vehicles?

  2. I’m confused… It says you kept the airglider rims, but it shows slipstream on the screenshot. .. Glad you went with black and not white… I am still on the fence between black and my original build, Big Sur Blue.

  3. Were there any price changes? It seems if I were to order an identical auto today, the price would be thousands of dollars more than when I originally configured it.

  4. Feynlab has been a great experience for me with a great warranty and network. 22ple is another brand that I have used with great success. The first few times I used professional services for applications but the last two times I did it myself.

    1. Thanks for sharing NJ! For others looking into ceramic coatings. We’ve looked at both Dr. Beasley’s and Ceramic Pro solutions. Haven’t settled on a company yet. We will take a look at your recommendations too!

What are your thoughts?