Our Fisker Ocean One Build Confirmation

Fisker Ocean One

We received an email from Fisker that our ability to edit our Fisker Ocean One build expires early next month.

Our Fisker Ocean One Build Confirmation Email.

Today, we want to share with you some great news…maybe even super exciting news! Late last night, we received an email from Fisker. The email subject line read, “Ocean One Build Confirmation“. We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw this email appear in our inbox around 11:00 PM Pacific Time. We saw the email before going to bed last night and it was difficult to fall asleep!

When we woke up this morning we had to re-read the email again. We needed to make sure we read it correctly the night before. Also, we wanted to verify the info on the Fisker website since the email didn’t include our previously saved configuration of exterior color, interior color, and wheels.

This weekend we were playing with the Fisker Ocean configurator. At that time, we noticed our lock date (build expiration date) was still Q1 2023 within our Fisker account. That’s what initially gave us some pause, but now we are all good.

We can confirm that the lock date of Jan 2, 2023, 12:00 AM PST appears not just in the email we received last night, but also on the Fisker website in our account. Furthermore, the Fisker website states, “Final build lock dates will be confirmed via email two weeks prior to locking.” That said, today marks exactly two weeks from January 2nd. You know what all of this means? We could be one of the first 300 customers to take delivery of a Fisker Ocean early next year. We couldn’t be any more excited!! ?

Our Next Step

Later this week we will revisit the Fisker Ocean configurator and make our final selections. Currently, our Fisker Ocean One build includes Big Sur Blue exterior, Black Abyss interior, and 22″ F5 AirGlider wheels. We are likely going to keep this selection. However, we’re thinking of possibly changing up our wheel selection to the 22″ F3 SlipStream wheels in black. Let us know in the comments below what wheels you think go best with Big Sur Blue and Black Abyss interior.

In Fisker’s Words…

Here is the text in the email we received from Fisker with subject line Ocean One Build Confirmation:

We Have Great News Sean

We are finalizing your Fisker Ocean One vehicle build with the team at our carbon-neutral manufacturing facility on January 02, 2023 12 AM PT. If you're happy with the current build in your account, you're all set! We require no further action from you at this time.

If you would like to view or make changes to your current build, you can do so by clicking the “Edit Build” button below (Currently Available on Desktop Only). Please submit any changes before January 02, 2023 12 AM PT. After that date, we will not be able to accept further changes.

Your Order: 
2023 Fisker Ocean One
Exterior Color:
Interior Color:
Accessory: Carpet Floor Mat Set
Accessory: Roadside Safety Kit
Accessory: Key Fob

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18 thoughts on “Our Fisker Ocean One Build Confirmation

  1. I too am looking at the Big Sur w/Slipstream (black). In my opinion I think those wheels look the best on the Big Sur color. I am thinking about changing our interior to the Black Abyss w/Feel tek. Based on your experience in Magna did those seats feel comfortable? Did they look nice? We are also strongly considering going w/20” wheels based on the numerous advantages many folks have already discussed. We are really trying to figure out what the advantages are w/the 22” wheels. Can you list any?

    1. Nope, not that far along yet! That will probably come once we get a delivery date. However, whenever we get it we’ll be sure to let you know!!

        1. Thank you! Never heard when parts will be made available. Would have to imagine shortly after the first car is delivered in the event of an accident and repairs are needed.

    1. Yes, could be an issue. Found out yesterday it will cost $1,200 to put a ceramic coating on the matte paint in our city. That lessens the maintenance, but it only lasts for ~5 years. We may end up pulling an audible last minute and change up the color, but for now we’re sticking with Big Sur Blue! Just unsure on the wheels at the moment.

    1. Try using the Fisker website vs. mobile app. If the browser you’re using doesn’t work, try a different browser.

  2. I agree the Big Sur Blue pairs well with the black F3 Slipstream wheels, though I’m sticking with the Maliblu interior. Also planning to do a ceramic coat.

  3. i would really like to see what the wheel behind the slipstream cover looks like. my wife is dead set on black airgliders but with night drive exterior i think it is too much and needs to be broken up a bit. i like the silver slipstreams and if the wheel behind is black then we both win so long as that wheel is also finished alloy.

    1. The SlipStreams have gloss black paint on both options. The carbon fiber covers can be removed, but that exposes the lug nuts. The wheels also appear to have little holes in them where the covers clip into. You can see them in the test drive video where we walk around the electric SUV painted in Horizon Gray.

  4. Does anybody know if the tow hitch will be a selectable option on the one’s. I received email two days ago informing me about expected delivery “end of March/April” in Copenhagen (Denmark of cause ?), lock date is so far unchanged and shows as Q1. I was asked to confirm if this was suitable or if I wanted to postpone delivery.

  5. Meanwhile I got an answer from a Rådgiver at Fisker

    “Thank you for contacting Fisker.

    The tow hitch is listed under anhængertræk in the Muligheder [Danish for tow hitch and options] section of the configurator (please scroll to the last page of the accessories). If you are experiencing technical difficulties and are unable to add this item to your vehicle build, please clear your cookies and attempt to use a different browser. If you still cannot add the accessory, please reply to this email with screenshots of the errors so we may investigate the issue.”

What are your thoughts?