Our Final Fisker Ocean One Build

We’ve selected our Fisker Ocean One final build configuration and you won’t believe all of the options we selected.

Our Final Fisker Ocean One Build
Our Final Fisker Ocean One Build.

We couldn’t be any more excited about being able to lock in our Fisker Ocean One! We’ve been playing with the Fisker Ocean configurator a lot over the past week. If you’ve been following along since the beginning, you know our very original build was Great White exterior, Black Abyss interior, and 22″ F5 AirGlider wheels.

A couple months back, we changed the paint color of our Fisker Ocean One from Great White to Big Sur Blue. Fisker Ocean paint colors have always been difficult for us to select. Fisker makes it hard to select a paint color and here is why.

Fisker offers some beautiful color options and soon there will be even more to choose from. Currently, the company offers customers seven paint color options for the Fisker Ocean One. Then, in 2023 the company will release seven additional paint color options. Right now we can select from Great White, Night Drive, Horizon Gray, Silver Lining, Mariana, Big Sur Blue, and Blue Planet. To date, we’ve seen four paint colors in person — Blue Planet, Horizon Gray, Big Sur Blue, and Silver Lining.

When we saw the Fisker Ocean painted in Big Sur Blue at Fully Charged Live in San Diego and then again in Austin, Texas we just love the matte finish. We were all set on Big Sur Blue, but after going through old posts on Fiskerati Forums we remembered how much we also loved Great White. It is a safe color option to keep clean and maintain. In fact, the last four vehicles we’ve owned have been white. Aside from the matte finish looking pretty cool, the other reason we liked Big Sur Blue so much is because the premium price.

Great White Paint

Great White Fisker Ocean at Magna Steyr
Great White Fisker Ocean at Magna Steyr.

Since premium upgrades are included in the Fisker Ocean One price, you would think to select the most expensive signature features instead of what comes standard. However, we were informed the expensive price paid for premium features today has a negligible impact on resale value five years from now. For example, we took to Kelley Blue Book and ran some scenarios on various vehicles from over the past five years. We learned premium paint didn’t increase resale value over the standard paint color.

At the end of the day, you have to select a build configuration you will be happy with even if those options come standard or at a premium cost. That said, we have selected Great White as our Fisker Ocean paint color option. Also, this gloss white paint is one of the colors that is easiest to keep clean. At least that has been our experience over the past 15 years.

Fisker describes the standard paint option as follows:

A crisp, clean white that highlights curves in powerful detail. 
Great white sharks are known to cruise coastal waters from Baja California to north of Eureka, keeping wintertime surfers checking between their feet for unwelcome visitors. These graceful, streamlined creatures glide up and down the California coastline; now it's your turn to do the same in a Great White Fisker Ocean.

Black Abyss Plus

Black Abyss Plus with Black FeelTek Seats
Black Abyss Plus with Black FeelTek Seats.

Fisker offers three interior colors — MaliBlu, Sea Salt, and Black Abyss. Both the MaliBlu and Sea Salt interior are pretty. However, we’re going with a simple look that is easy to keep clean, which is Black Abyss Plus! This interior offers a vegan leather seat that we’ve actually sat in several times during our visit to Magna Steyr. This was the interior of the vehicle we test drove and it was super comfy. The seat is smooth and soft and will be easy to keep clean, which is important to us. It is also available on all Fisker Ocean trims whether an upgrade or standard option.

Here is how Fisker describes the Black Abyss Plus interior:

Black Abyss Plus blends supple FeelTek seats with knit EcoFabric surfacing, creating a sporty interior that surrounds with recycled, ethically sourced, and durable comfort. Subtle dark metallic accents on the dashboard and doors add a classic finish to the calm, clean, black-on-black look. Our luxurious FeelTek seating is designed to mimic leather's smoothness and breathability. 

How It's Made Matters: FeelTek is made of two layers, an under layer of 100% recycled plastic bottles and a durable and flexible surface coasting made from plant-derived products. The fabric is made using eco-friendly "greener chemistries" using recycled fibers instead of virgin fibers to lower the carbon footprint of fabric manufacturing.

22″ F3 SlipStream Wheels (Black)

Fisker Ocean SlipStream Wheels in black.

Fisker offers six different wheels to choose from including one 20″ option and five 22″ options. Available wheels include the 20″ F7 AeroStealth, 22″ F5 AirGlider, 22″ F3 SlipStream, and 22″ F6 Vortex. The AirGlider and SlipStream wheels come in two color options. While we really like the F5 AirGlider, which happens to be Henrik Fisker’s wheel of choice, we changed our original selection. We’re going with the black 22″ F3 SlipStream wheels. The carbon fiber inserts have a really cool look. These wheels impress in person. They look stunning and will be easy to keep clean with the three large spokes in painted in black. These also happen to be Fisker’s signature wheel option. Maybe Fisker will even let customers purchase the silver covers at some point allowing us to swap the wheel design from time to time!?

This is what Fisker says about the SlipStream wheel option:

Slippery Smooth Style. Designed to slip through the air, three spokes pass through the center of 22" F3 SlipStreams in a powerful design, creating the impression of an even larger wheel. Visible carbon flakes in the center, with strong accents, give the finish a futeristic, structural look.

Our Final Build

At the end of the day, our final Fisker Ocean One build consists of a Great White exterior, Black Abyss Plus interior, and 22″ F3 SlipStream wheels in black. This was certainly a process for us with a lot of waffling to select the right options for our family. For us, this build will serve our family well and will be the easiest of options to keep clean, which was a theme among our selection process. Best of all, our family is happy with this build. Now, we need to wait for January 2nd to roll around. At that time our build will be locked, but this is our final configuration. You heard it here first! Then, we will wait for the next step in the process, which will be a delivery date and the assignment of a limited edition build number (e.g., X/5,000). Exciting times ahead. Stay tuned!

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17 thoughts on “Our Final Fisker Ocean One Build

  1. That’s really awesome for your family Sean! I’ve followed almost all the topics and read all of your blogs since the beginning of Fiskerati. You’re doing great and keep us posted and once your car is being delivered: tell us all about the experience! ?Because from this point on all enthousiasts want to know! ??Have a Merry Cristmas and a happy newyear! Kind regards from Holland, Evert

    1. Thank you for following along Evert. Look forward to taking delivery of my Fisker Ocean One in 2023 and sharing lots more! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too!

  2. Sean, glad you went with your gut., not other influences. Did you pick any accessories or tow options at this time?

  3. Thank you Sean, We selected great white, maliblu, f3 silver, mats and extra key fob. Why did you delete second key fob?

  4. Did you also get the Retractable Cargo Cover for the trunk area?
    I saw it in Florida and really liked it to “hide” stuff left in the trunk.

  5. Sean, you did excellent. I agree strongly with your choices. Although I most likely plan to order an Extreme and was not able to order the One, because my wife did not agree with me to order it until we knew more about it, since it is her money too, I had no choice.
    But the White color is the way to go and the leather like Black Abyss Plus is my only choice also. I do not like the other fabrics offered on the seats. I will have to stay with the 20 inch Black standard wheels, because I do not want to pay thousands more for the upgraded black wheels. But I will order the mats and Key Fob.
    I look forward to your expert review when you receive your car. I bet you will be one of the first to receive one.

  6. Way to go Sean! I am sticking with Mariana with Malibu interior, black F3 slipstream wheels, floor mats, and tow package

    1. Thank you Troy! Nice configuration choice you have! I’m also going with the floor mats, but will change them out if/when rubber ones come out.

  7. Have we seen any confirmation that the trailer package includes the the hitch? I’d like to assume it does, but the fact the configurator allows both to be selected concerns me.

  8. Congrats Sean! Good for you, going with your personal tastes rather than something that you may have regretted, since you obviously love white cars. I am envious! I have been watching for a change in my lock-in date ever since you got yours, since I’m also in CA and have an early reservation and lock-in dates. Nothing so far for me, but following your progress gives me hope for my One delivery sooner rather than later.
    As always, thank you for sharing your insights, thoughts, and research with us.

  9. Good picks, Sean…. my One picks, all along, have been Great White/Abyss/Black Slipstream…. there will be two of us running around San Diego in identical cars. Well done

    1. Thanks Tom! Just changed up my color today and goes a bit against my easy to clean. However, it will be a show stopper when clean. Regardless, will be fun seeing Fisker Oceans around town!

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