Next Stop on Fisker Ocean’s European Tour

The Fisker Ocean has been on a European tour, and we can’t wait to see which city it will be headed to next after being on display in Copenhagen for three weeks.

The Fisker Ocean has been on a European tour. It has travelled to three cities including Berlin, Hamburg, and the latest stop, Copenhagen. The big mystery, where is it headed next?

Apparently, Fisker is showing off the Fisker Ocean while testing where to put its Fisker Brand Experience Centers. Instead of building out an entire store to test the market, the company has been showing off the Fisker Ocean at popup shops. All things considered, this is such an affordable way to show off the Fisker Ocean EV without breaking the bank.

The company had tremendous viewings of the Fisker Ocean in Copenhagen at Illums Bolighus. Copenhagen happens to be one of the cities where Fisker will have an Experience Center in 2023. However, viewing of the Fisker Ocean electric SUV in Copenhagen ran from April 26th through May 16, 2022. Fisker has not yet told us where the Fisker Ocean will travel to next.

Where’s the Fisker Ocean headed next

The Fisker Ocean will start deliveries in select European countries (and North America) following the vehicle’s start of production in November 2022. Norway, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Austria, will be first with the rest of Europe and the UK joining through 2023.

We began to think about where the Fisker Ocean should head to next. We think it makes most sense to show off the Fisker Ocean electric SUV where reservations are the highest or nearby where a Fisker Brand Experience Center will be located. Currently, the company plans a physical retail store in Munich, London, Copenhagen, and Vienna. We ran a quick poll with some ideas where we think the Fisker Ocean could be headed. We’d love to know where you would like to see it show up next.

Fisker Ocean pop-up shops

Below are some photos we’ve collected of the Fisker Ocean at each of the pop-up shops its been to across its European Tour. Our favorite so far is the Hamburg Airport. Seeing the Fisker Ocean in that glass case is incredible. Look, but don’t touch!

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4 thoughts on “Next Stop on Fisker Ocean’s European Tour

  1. Can’t wait to test the car. I’m 82 and time is running. Ordered 1 year ago! for Vienna Austria.

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