Next Fisker Ocean Pop-Up Location

We’re trying to find out where the Fisker Ocean will pop-up next as many customers are still anxiously awaiting to see the electric SUV.

Fisker Ocean Pop-Up Event (Coral Gables, FL).

Today, Fisker has held nearly a dozen pop-up events in the United States and about the same number across Europe. Now we are trying to find out where Fisker should hold their next pop-up location. To do so, we are looking to you for help. Yes, we created a poll and we’d love our readers to cast their vote. We asked a simple question. “Where should the Fisker Ocean pop-up next?” The poll includes 25 cities among North America and Europe.

Early data from the poll suggests the Top 5 cities where Fiskerati readers want to see the Fisker Ocean next are Phoenix, Atlanta, New York City, Washington D.C., and Chicago. Of these, our favorites are Phoenix, Atlanta, and Chicago because the electric SUV has never been to these cities before. We believe the City of Phoenix is hands down the best place Fisker can benefit from a pop-up location if they act fast. It’s home of Super Bowl 57 where an estimated 1 million visitors are expected next week.

Cities were selected for the poll based on the location of Fiskerati visitors using aggregated geographical data over the past 12-months. As you will see, the Fisker Ocean has already visited about half of the 25 cities listed as answer options. There are still lot of popular cities where the Fisker Ocean has never appeared in both North America and Europe. Furthermore, interest in the Fisker Ocean remains high in cities where the electric SUV has already visited. Maybe one of the latest Fisker Oceans should revisit some of these cities too?

Cast Your Vote Now

Where should the Fisker Ocean be on display next? Take the poll now to make your voice heard! Help us find out what city the Fisker Ocean should appear next by casting your vote. By the way, if you don’t see a city you think Fisker should hold a pop-up location, post it in the comments below or in the forum beneath the poll. We’re excited to see the final poll results — ready, set, go!

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4 thoughts on “Next Fisker Ocean Pop-Up Location

  1. I’m curious, does this poll actually have any influence on what Fisker does? The bigger question is: if there is in fact a pop up location, can notification be released 4 weeks or more ahead of time? Releasing information a week or even 2 weeks ahead of time doesn’t do me a lot of good. I have to buy plane tickets and cancel patients to get to wherever USA.
    And will they actually have new vehicles or more prototypes.

  2. Europe and the USA represent about the same market size for Fisker. And then there are 5 cities from Europe and 20 cities from the US as options? And among the few European options are cities like Edinburgh- ranked 94th on the list of most populous cities in Europe. There are so many larger cities that would make more sense for Fisker.

    I don’t want to be rude, but this vote triggers all the prejudices people outside the US have about Americans and that they know nothing about geography and the rest of the world. The poll doesn’t make any sense. Would have been better to make a poll just about US cities.

    1. As the article mentions Peter, the 25 cities were selected based on the location of Fiskerati visitors using aggregated geographical data over the past 12-months. More people read Fiskerati here in the US than Europe even though both markets are equally important to Fisker.

What are your thoughts?