New Pre-Order Details Are Here for Fisker Ocean One

Fisker Ocean One

Fisker drops new pre-order details for the Fisker Ocean One on its mobile apps and website and there are a lot of new updates.

Fisker Ocean One
Fisker Ocean One Pre-Order Details are out now.

Today, new details are out on how to pre-order the Fisker Ocean One. Fisker updated it’s mobile apps and website with new details about pre-ordering the Fisker Ocean One.

The company hasn’t refreshed its apps, like we thought they might. However, Fisker has published a host of new information.

The company provides all the details early reservation holders need to know about Fisker Ocean One pre-orders. Now, we have all the latest info and will continue to update this article as new details emerge.

Fisker Ocean One Pre-Ordering Details

Invitations to pre-order the Fisker Ocean One are for select markets. You’re in luck if you live in Austria, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, or United States. From November 2022, Ocean One will be rolled out in Austria, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden, and United States. Then, in April 2023 France will see the Fisker Ocean One. Canada and the U.K. will get the Ocean One in June 2023. If you’re not based in one of these launch markets, you will need to wait for the Extreme, Ultra, or Sport trim. Fisker expects Ocean One deliveries in all markets to be completed by the end of September 2023. Fisker Ocean One may be eligible for government incentives.

$5,000 pre-order deposit

Fisker is taking an additional $5,000 pre-order deposit fee for the Fisker Ocean One. That means, you already paid $250 for a reservation and you’ll need to put down an additional $5,000 down payment. This will allow you to secure the Fisker Ocean One Launch Edition. Once you’ve secured your Fisker Ocean One, you will have paid $5,250 in total. You will have 7 days to put down your deposit fee. We initially thought this deposit would be 10% of the vehicle purchase, so this is pretty good.

While your $5,000 payment is being processed, Fisker will reserve your place in line. If your payment is declined before the 7-day window expires, you are still eligible to secure your Fisker Ocean One. However, as soon as the first 5,000 deposit fees are secured the pre-ordering ends for Fisker Ocean One. There are no guarantees until Fisker confirms receipt of your $5,000 deposit fee.

If your payment is declined after your 7-day window, you will return to your position in the reservation queue. At a future date, you will be invited to select an Ocean Extreme, Ultra or Sport trim when it becomes available. If you don’t complete your deposit during your 7-day window, you also return to the reservation queue. You cannot extend your 7-day pre-order window. Once your window closes, Fisker will allow subsequent reservation holders to pre-order the Fisker Ocean One Launch Edition.

Canceling Your Preorder

You can cancel your Fisker Ocean One pre-order by contacting the company by logging into your Fisker account. According to the pre-order terms, if you cancel your agreement to purchase the Fisker Ocean One, Fisker will retain your $5,000 pre-order deposit fee paid.

And, if you cancel after Fisker has notified you the Fisker Ocean One has begun the transportation process, the company will also retain the transportation fee. After you can cancel your Fisker Ocean One pre-order, you will maintain an active reservation to choose a different Fisker Ocean trim.

Per the pre-order terms, if you cancel your agreement to purchase the Fisker Ocean One at any time prior to delivery, Fisker will retain your deposit and any transportation fee paid to them as liquidated damages.

Configuring Your Fisker Ocean One

Fisker will give you a period of time to change your Fisker Ocean One configuration. Fisker will notify you in advance of the date upon which your configuration becomes a “firm and final order.” Once your order is firm and final, Fisker will place it in the production queue. Prior to that date you may also order Fisker Ocean accessories, which may become available. Make sure to keep your delivery address up to date. It will need to be secured prior to Fisker sending your order to production. You can do this within your Fisker account.

Fisker Ocean One Feature Availability

When you take delivery of your Fisker Ocean One, not all of the features may be immediately enabled. However, as they become available, you will receive an over-the-air (OTA) update. OTA updates for the Fisker Ocean are free of charge. That means over the life of your vehicle, your Fisker Ocean One and other Ocean trims will get better over time. Fisker will continue to make innovative software updates OTA during the time you own your vehicle, subject to hardware compatibility.

Financing Fisker Ocean One

We touched on this yesterday, Fisker will allow you to finance the purchase of your Fisker Ocean One. Alternatively, you can pay cash. Fisker will allow you to apply for financing through the Fisker mobile apps or through their website. You will be working with JP Morgan Chase Bank. That is the company Fisker selected as their retail financing partner. They will provide competitive vehicle loan offers to Fisker customers at the point of sale for the United States market.

Taking delivery of Fisker Ocean One

The company will coordinate most deliveries for onsite pickups at their Experience Centers and other Fisker locations. Fisker will not have franchise dealers. Fisker will also have an optional concierge service to deliver vehicles directly to customers. This option will be subject to additional fees, location, and availability.

More details to come

As we find out more details, you will be able to find them listed here. We will continue to update this article as more info comes out. Please share your Fisker Ocean One pre-order emails with us and we will publish to share with our readers. Congratulations to you, early reservation holder!

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11 thoughts on “New Pre-Order Details Are Here for Fisker Ocean One

  1. After dealing with the shopping process for a hybrid and dealer shenanigans with outrageous markups, I’m happy to read that Fisker will not have franchise dealers. The competition model in dealerships is awful and just thinking about going to one to shop gave me anxiety. This is why I’m buying a Fisker.

  2. So when they say they expect all deliveries by Sept 2023, are they only referring to the One then? Was there mention of a time-line for other trims? And would they be making other trims at the same time as they’re delivering the One’s?

    1. Yes, Fisker is only referring to “The One” wrt September 2023 deliveries. I just posted a video talking about the U.K. as an example (e.g., right-hand-drive). And yes, timeline for other trims comes after Ocean One pre-orders sell out. Extreme, Ultra, and Sport will be the sequence for deliveries of these trims in 2023. And, likely yes for your third question. It’s the only way to satisfy as many reservation holders as possible since there are only 5,000 Ocean One SUVs. The Graz factory will be ramped up to full capacity by mid-2023. By the way, thanks for stopping by to read our articles!

  3. It would be crazy to make a non-refundable $5,000 deposit on a car that NO ONE will have the opportunity to review until late October? No one outside of Fisker and its development partners has any idea what the UI will be like, how it will drive, what the ride will be like, or how the driver assistance features will work. If I had a nickel for every time a car company promised more than it could deliver, I might have $5,000 to bet that Fisker won’t be the next one.

  4. $5k non-refundable deposit for a car not a single customer has driven… I’m a Fisker shareholder but cannot bring myself to risk that much money on a brand new product

    1. I bought FSR @$24/sh & @20/sh, but now that it’s below $10?? Why ?? Would I toss $5k that’s practically non-refundable? I’ll opt in for the Flexee lease but owning one?

  5. It’s so tone deaf to expect anyone to drop $5K (non refundable) on a car they can’t experience and test drive until “sometime” in October. Curious that Magna is on time but Fisker is three months behind on Experience Centers, Independent reviews, and their homegrown UI.

  6. My reservation is over a year old already and if I don’t put down 5k it might be another 2 years before I see a trim I want?? Delivery later than that? … Maybe I cancel the reservation, damn, guys…

What are your thoughts?