New Fisker Ocean Pop-Up Locations, Vienna and Cologne, Tow Hitch Revealed

Another chance for reservation holders in Europe to see the Fisker Ocean on display in Vienna and Cologne.

Fisker Ocean at Motorworld Cologne.

Today, Fisker confirmed two new pop-up locations in Europe this month and gave a sneak peak of the European tow hitch. Currently, the Fisker Ocean is on display in both Vienna, Austria, and Cologne, Germany. These are the first European pop-up locations of 2023 for the electric SUV. Previously, the Fisker Ocean was last in Europe on display at the Oslo Motor Show back in October 2022.

The Fisker Ocean will be on display at Motorworld Cologne through January 24th. This is the second time we’re aware of the Fisker Ocean being in Cologne. Also, you can find the Fisker Ocean at the Vienna Airport in Terminal 3 (arrivals area) until January 29th. These are the only pop-up locations currently scheduled in Europe. However, Fisker did say more dates would be announced soon possibly the United Kingdom.

Fisker Ocean Tow Hitch

If you watched All-Things Fisker last week, we talked briefly about the Fisker Ocean in Vienna. It was the first time we got to see a tow hitch on the Fisker Ocean. We discussed both European and US towing options. The Fisker Ocean tow package is $1,200 and accessory receiver is $800. Towing accessories can be added to your build using the Fisker Ocean configurator. The Fisker Ocean will be able to tow a small boat, jet skis, or a moving trailer. It will be fun to see the Fisker Ocean put through the wringer when it comes to towing. Fisker is targeting two different towing capacities for Fisker Ocean trims (see table below). Let us know in the comments what you plan to tow with your Fisker Ocean.

Fisker Ocean TrimTowing Capacity
One4,000 lbs. (1,815 kg)
Extreme4,000 lbs. (1,815 kg)
Ultra4,000 lbs. (1,815 kg)
Sport2,040 lbs. (1090 kg)

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4 thoughts on “New Fisker Ocean Pop-Up Locations, Vienna and Cologne, Tow Hitch Revealed

  1. I would love to have an opportunity to see the Ocean somewhere in the United States. Is there any way to get a heads up about 30 days prior, of a location so that I can rearrange patients and schedule a flight? These week before notifications don’t do me a lot of good
    Thank you
    (My date to decide on options is 3/13)

  2. Steve,
    I totally agree. I have been frustrated how the announcements are only “leaked” the start day of a pop-up and this especially for us part of the Fisker Ocean ONE early adopters. This is not how a brand new brand cultivates a strong following and partnership with the identified early adopters!!!
    I live in Paris France and the irony is that the day I was informed that the Fisker was on display at the Paris Auto show, I was on my way to the US for a 2 weeks business trip. Fisker was not on official display as a brand, but behind hosted by their French banking partner. Hence impossible to know before the event… Cheap and clever way to get presence, but a strategic mis-communication step by Fisker for their European reservation holders.
    Any case, as soon as I now heard there was a pop-up in Cologne and Vienna, I paid a 1,300 Euros to get the Motorworld display.
    Yes, the car was there, but squeezed in a dark corner in a small hotel lobby and the few lights above were not centered. The official picture is not how the car is displayed and it is impossible to see the inside of the car (it is turning around itself and there is about 6-9 feet distance to the sides of the car). I spent a total of 5min on location and left puzzled from this experience.
    The external finish of the car is impressive, but there is a lot of plastic – I guess great to go out in the dessert or country side.

    With a 02/13 lock date and impossible to confirm which external and interior color to choose from with great conviction, I am now contemplating simply walking away from the 5K deposit

  3. I feel your frustration. I don’t know if Fisker actually is influenced by the many blogs, etc. about their car. If they were then: I will pay cash for my vehicle, however, I WILL NOT invest $73k for a vehicle without reasonable information. I will eat my $5k before throwing away $73k..(someone said I should buy it, sell it for a profit…just like my Bitcoin!) Apparently Fisker is OK with several people with the same sentiment. I assume that they need cash, I would think the “bird in the hand theory ” works better than seeing me go and hoping for the next buyer. If simple requests were answered by Fisker spokespersons, rather than Radgiver, or Sean. (Sean I very much appreciate your information; however, I am not sure that you have any more clout or information than anyone else.)
    Fisker, are you listening?

What are your thoughts?