New Fisker Ocean Photos from Fully Charged Live San Diego

We saw the Fisker Ocean electric SUV on display at Fully Charged Live in San Diego and here are the photos from the world’s #1 home energy and EV show.

Today, we visited the Fisker Ocean electric SUV at Fully Charged Live in San Diego. The Fisker Ocean in Big Sur Blue was on display in the San Diego Convention Center at the world’s #1 home energy and electric vehicle show. We got to check out an early prototype of the electric SUV with MaliBlu interior and 22″ F3 SlipStream wheels. Yes, the carbon fiber inserts are real!

We had an opportunity to get close up with the Fisker Ocean. During our 2-hour long Fisker Ocean experience, we took several hundred photos of the all-electric SUV. However, we’re only going to share the best photos with you today. Tomorrow, we will provide our first in-person review of the early Fisker Ocean prototype. At that time we will also share some new video footage!

Live Stream from Fully Charged Live

Earlier this morning at Fully Charged Live, we started the day by live streaming our entrance into the show. However, the internet connection at the venue was less than desirable. We managed to use our mobile hotspot which was slightly better, but still not ideal. Nevertheless, our second attempt at the live stream was better than our first. In the video below, you can have a look at the Fisker Ocean and other EVs as we walked the showroom floor.

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5 thoughts on “New Fisker Ocean Photos from Fully Charged Live San Diego

  1. Look forward to hearing your final review. Any thoughts on all the stalks on the steering column? 3 on one side seems like it could be too busy.

    1. Won’t be a final review, but my first in person look of an early prototype! Regarding the stalks, they look bulkier in the photos then in real life.

  2. What’s going on with those yellow and orange indicator lights on the front grille? Were they changing color? Were the hazard lights on? What is the normal state (orange or yellow)?

What are your thoughts?