New Fisker Ocean Photo

Fisker Ocean Prototype

Fisker released an updated investor presentation and we call out all of the changes including a new Fisker Ocean photo.

Today, Fisker released an updated investor presentation for shareholders. There were a couple dozen changes to the 34 page document, which has new details that appear on 11 of the pages. The most interesting change was the inclusion of a new Fisker Ocean photo. We’ll take a look at each of the changes in the video, but first let’s talk about the new Fisker Ocean photo.

The photo, pictured above, is a Fisker Ocean prototype on the production line at Magna. It’s the first white Fisker Ocean prototype we’ve seen to date. Well, with this photo, our first guess on the paint color would be Great White. However, Great White paint only comes in gloss. That makes us wonder what this paint color could be?

Now, the paint on this Fisker Ocean prototype looks to have a matte finish. It could be the lighting on the photo or a prototype with just paint primer that is expected to be wrapped in camouflage. Nevertheless, the Fisker Ocean looks sharp painted in white! Let us know in the comments what you think about this white Fisker Ocean. If you missed the prototype painted in Sea Grass from yesterday it’s worth another peak.

Investor Presentation Changes (August 2022)

Now, back to the investor presentation, which has a number of changes. We’ve pulled out 11 pages with new changes for you to review. Each change is indicated with a green box. We talk through the changes in the video above or you can review the doc below on your own. The biggest changes are the reveal of Fisker Lounge, previously referred to as Brand Experience Centers. This presentation has the latest reservation chart which showcases 56,000 Fisker Ocean reservations.

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4 thoughts on “New Fisker Ocean Photo

  1. I know this is a new blog and there’s only so much Fisker news to go around.

    …But, dawg…Focus on quality over quantity, no one wants “today we counted the treads on the Fisker Ocean tires”, and there’s nothing novel about this photo

    1. Thanks for your feedback Bob! The title of the article was about the new photo, but I hope you watched the video!! The video included all sorts of changes and updates to the August 2022 Fisker Investor Presentation. The new photo was only one of the changes.

  2. Great to have these updates . I have a sizable position and am long term shareholder of Fisker . I look forward to continued execution and eventual success .

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