New Fisker Ocean Home EV Charging Details Emerge

Fisker Ocean Pebble Beach Monterey 2022

Fisker released new details on the Fisker Ocean home EV charging solutions it will soon offer for sale on its website.

Fisker Ocean Pebble Beach Monterey 2022
Fisker Ocean charger port on driver side of vehicle.

Today, we’ve learned new details about the Wallbox chargers Fisker will soon be selling to Fisker Ocean reservation holders on its website. If you recall, a week ago today, Fisker and Wallbox announced their global partnership for home EV charging solutions.

Since then, the company released new details about the charger and they’ve largely went under the radar. For example, we now know how long it will take to charge your Fisker Ocean using a Pulsar home charger, where it can be installed, and the length of the charging cable. The company added these new details to the FAQ on its website.

Fisker published new information to its website about home charging solutions, but we still don’t know anything about pricing. However, we do know how long it will take to charge your Fisker Ocean with the Pulsar Plus home charger. According to Fisker, “The Fisker Wallbox home charger will add an estimated 20-30 miles / 32-48 km of range per hour depending on your battery and country. This is enough to fully charge overnight for most owners.”

Fisker also explains that Wallbox Pulsar Plus and Max chargers are not superchargers. They are Level 2 chargers for home or office use, which we already knew. The company says, “The Fisker Wallbox charger is a home charging station that provides AC power to the vehicle. This differs from a public fast charger, which provides DC power to the vehicle at a higher power level.” However, the company says the chargers will charge your Fisker Ocean up to 5 times faster than using a standard household electrical outlet.

Installing Your Fisker Wallbox Home EV Charger

Fisker says the Wallbox Pulsar Plus chargers are safe to install indoors and outdoors since they are NEMA Type 4 rated for water and dust resistance. The Pulsar Plus will come with a 25 feet charging cable and the Pulsar Max will come with a 5 meter charging cable. This is important info as you get ready for your Fisker Ocean. You can begin to think about the location of your home EV charger. Fisker will offer installation of home EV chargers, through its partner, but pricing is yet to be announced.

Out of curiosity, we reached out to the Wallbox subsidiary, COIL, to get an installation estimate. Prices will likely vary by location including permits and fees. The EV charging installation quote was $1,299 without permits or fees, which happens to be about the same cost for installing our Tesla Wall Connector last year. We will publish additional details around home EV charging as Fisker makes them available.

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