Must Have Accessories for Your Fisker Ocean

Fisker Ocean Accessories Roof Rack

Fisker will benefit by selling accessories for the Fisker Ocean when deliveries start later this year.

We started to think about what potential accessories Fisker will offer owners later this year when deliveries start. You would think this exercise would be easy when viewing a side-by-side comparison of all Fisker Ocean features. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Some of the more obvious Fisker Ocean accessories we could think of are a roof rack, glass roof sun shade, rubber floor mats, and a key fob.

And the survey says…

We polled our followers on Twitter to see which of these potential Fisker Ocean accessories would be most popular. We asked, “What accessories do you want available for your Fisker Ocean?” The results of the poll are below. The glass roof sun shade and rubber floor mats are the clean winner. It’s kind of surprising that the glass roof sun shade won with 45% of the vote. However, we thought rubber floor mats would be the resounding winner. The poll had 40 respondents.

Not sure the glass roof sun shade will work with all trims

Fisker has said repeatedly that the average selling price of all Fisker Ocean trims will be $56k. That means most customers will be purchasing a Fisker Ocean with a retractable roof in the One, Extreme, and Ultra. In fact, 80% of Fisker Ocean reservation holders are planning to buy one of the two top trims (average selling price of about $56,000) according to Fisker.

The Ocean One and Extreme come with the SolarSky Roof and the Ultra comes with the OpenSky Roof. Will a sun shade work on such a large sun roof that retracts on the roof top? We aren’t so sure if a glass roof sun shade will work well on these models. However, this accessory would make a great addition to the BigSky Roof on the Fisker Ocean Sport.

Rubber floor mats for the win

Hopefully, the Fisker Ocean will come with rubber floor mats unlike carpeted floor mats that come with virtually every new car purchase. Rubber floor mats are simply easier to keep your car clean. They prevent dirt and liquid from damaging your interior carpet. You can clean them easily with a hand brush or a hose. Whether Fisker decides to make rubber floor mats or partner with a company like WeatherTech, we’re sure they will be a hit.

Least interesting Fisker Ocean accessories

The key fob and roof rack were the least popular Fisker Ocean accessories. Wah-wah-wah!

The Fisker Ocean will only provide the Fisker Flexee App as the key to enter and start your electric vehicle. Maybe customers will also be given a credit card like key in the event the Fisker Flexee App doesn’t work or your phone dies. There is nothing like a traditional key, or well a key fob, to access and start your car.

And the roof rack. Well, that may only work well with the Ocean Sport like the glass roof sun shade since the roof doesn’t retract. If Fisker plans for a roof rack on the Ocean One, Extreme, and Ultra, the roof rack may need to sit a little higher up to accommodate the SolarSky and BigSky roofs. Fisker even asked his Instagram followers if they wanted a roof rack and the results were mixed.

Order online or visit a Fisker Experience Center

Fisker released some new Fisker Ocean accessories during pre-ordering of Fisker Ocean One. Maybe some type of accessories will even get reservation holders into a Fisker Experience Center to check it out. It’s likely they will be available online or through the Fisker Flexee app for purchase. Regardless, Fisker Ocean accessories will be another good incremental revenue source for the company.

Let us know what features you would like to see available when you take ownership of your Fisker Ocean this or next year.

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2 thoughts on “Must Have Accessories for Your Fisker Ocean

  1. I want to be able to carry my bike and my 12’ long kayak on my Fisker Ocean Ultra. On my current car (‘21 BMW 330i) this is done using Thule Aero Bars and a BMW bike rack. All of my BMW’s have built-in hard points for attaching roof rack systems. The kayak can be carried on the aero bars. The concept “roof basket” shown on Instagram might provide that capability, but it seems like overkill… hoping Fisker will not forget the “U” in SUV is for Utility.

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