More Fisker Ocean Ones Headed to United States

Henrik Fisker shares more electric SUVs are being shipped from Magna Steyr in Austria to the United States en route to California.

Today, Henrik shared that more Fisker Oceans are headed to California just like he did yesterday. In a couple posts to social media this morning he said, “More cars getting shipped out from manufacturing plant to CA this week!” All of these video clips appear to have been recorded on the same day. We’re seeing the same electric SUVs in the photos and videos shared both yesterday and today.

In the photo shared today there are three Fisker Oceans lined up side-by-side. The cool thing about all of these electric SUVs is that these aren’t just any Fisker Oceans. As we mentioned yesterday, they are Fisker Ocean Ones, which are the limited edition launch vehicle. Henrik Fisker didn’t specifically call out Ocean Ones being shipped, but the badge on the rear of the vehicles gave it away.

The video clip Henrik shared this morning was a Fisker Ocean painted in Night Drive with 22″ F3 SlipStream wheels. This is kind of interesting and you’re probably wondering why? In July, Dr. Geeta Gupta Fisker reserved her Fisker Ocean One and chose Night Drive, MaliBlu interior, and 22″ F3 SlipStream wheels. The Fisker Ocean in today’s video clip could very well be Geeta’s Ocean One.

We haven’t seen a Fisker Ocean One yet that matches Henrik Fisker’s build configuration. For example, he chose Blue Planet with Sea Salt interior, and 22” F5 AirGlider wheels. That is Henrik’s build he shared when he reserved his Fisker Ocean One. However, we have seen several other colors packed up on trailers. We are excited to see where all of these electric SUVs end up in California. Time will tell once they begin showing up in photos and videos from the West Coast.

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7 thoughts on “More Fisker Ocean Ones Headed to United States

  1. In the photo, notice that left Ocean is European version, long license plate holder and larger mirrors, and other two have no license plate holder and smaller mirrors for US.

  2. 3 cars don’t sound like all that many. Are these the very first deliveries? is it just beginning? what’s the ramp up intended for next year? do we have a sense of orders?

What are your thoughts?