Latest on Fisker Ocean Paint Colors

Henrik Fisker looking at Fisker Ocean

We got to see some new paint colors last week on the Fisker Ocean prototypes at Magna, and today we’re going to take a look at each of them.

Today, we’re gonna have a look at some of the latest Fisker Ocean prototypes painted in launch and 2023 color options. Fisker visited the Magna factory last week to get an update. When they did, they received a look at the progress of Fisker Ocean prototypes. As a result, we got to see prototypes painted in various launch colors. In fact, over the past week we’ve seen four prototypes in paint colors we’ve never seen before.

As a refresher, Fisker Ocean will be available in seven launch colors including Great White, Night Drive, Horizon Gray, Mariana, Big Sur Blue, Silver Lining, and Blue Planet. In 2023, we can expect Fisker to open up new paint colors including Sun Soaked, Solar Orange, Sea Grass, Black Pearl, Marine Layer, Stealth Green, and Red Planet. One thing is for certain, the paint colors look a whole lot different than on color swatches or digital image renderings.

Up until this point some most colors, other than Big Sur Blue and Silver Lining, have been computer image renderings. Now, we’re going to take a look at some of the new Fisker Ocean prototypes with paint colors we’ve never seen before. We’ll also share test vehicles, which are in fact new Fisker Ocean prototypes, painted in some very popular colors. We will call out the type of finish each paint color comes in.

Horizon Gray (Launch Color, Metallic Gloss)

Gray is always a popular paint option and we believe this will please the people who want a deep dark color, but not black like Night Drive.

Fisker Ocean Horizon Gray

Sea Grass (2023 Color Option, Metallic Gloss)

This Fisker Ocean is getting it’s battery set revealing the Sea Grass paint color option coming in 2023.

Fisker Ocean Sea Grass

Great White (Launch Color, Gloss)

This was discussed earlier in the week on the Fiskerati Live Stream and recap of the latest investor presentation.

Fisker Ocean Prototype

Black Pearl (2023 Color Option, Metallic Gloss)

Now, this is a tough one. We’re not 100% its Black Pearly, but it is a new paint color we’ve never seen before on a prototype. When pairing it up to the color chart, it’s either Black Pearl, Sea Grass or Horizon Gray. Let us know in the comments what color you think this is.

Silver Lining (Launch Color, Metallic Gloss)

We’ve seen this one time and time again. Still as beautiful since the first day we have laid eyes on it.

Blue Planet (Launch Color, Metallic Gloss)

Henrik Fisker’s test vehicle seen all around the streets of Los Angeles.

Fisker Ocean at HQ

Solar Orange (2023 Color Option, Multi-Coat)

This paint color has been a winner since the early days of hand-built Fisker Ocean prototypes. Now, Henrik Fisker is checking out the latest prototype to arrive at headquarters for more testing.

This guest article is written by Darren Maxwell. He is a Fisker Ocean reservation holder and holds a long position in Fisker ($FSR) shares. 

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  1. I don’t qualify for the credit and I missed out on locking it in for the credit It said the ultra was already sold out literally 2 days after I saw the email and logged in does that mean I lose my spot from my deposit I put in back in Aug 2021

  2. When I was at the Brooklyn event I asked the fisker representative if they have any pictures of a Horizon Grey Ocean. He pulled up the picture you have labeled black pearl so pretty certain that is Horizon Grey.

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