Latest Fisker Ocean Videos

Henrik Fisker Test Drive Magna Steyr

All of the Fisker Ocean videos out of Magna Steyr this week showing off the Fisker team reviewing the latest production intent electric SUVs.

Today, we got more Fisker Ocean videos. The company shared new footage of the latest Fisker Ocean electric SUVs recently assembled at Magna Steyr. Henrik and the Fisker team had a chance to review the electric vehicles that just rolled off the high volume production line.

The videos reveal new angles of launch paint colors we’ve never seen before on production intent vehicles as well as some sneak peaks. For example, it’s the first time we’re seeing a new wheel design that Fisker confirmed is coming in 2023. We’ve included all four videos in this article for you to check out.

Watch Henrik and the Fisker team complete final inspections of these pre-production Fisker Oceans coming off the line. Maybe if we’re lucky this weekend, we’ll get another new video of Henrik test driving the Fisker Ocean pictured above! Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Henrik Fisker Reviewing Fisker Oceans at Magna Steyr

Big Sur Blue, Mariana, & Sneak Peak of 2023 Wheels

Henrik Fisker Walking Production Line at Magna Steyr

Night Drive, Great White, Sig Sur Blue, & Mariana

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3 thoughts on “Latest Fisker Ocean Videos

  1. I have always bought a car or truck as a need for utility or transportation to work. The Ocean to me is going to mean a whole lot more. The recycled materials and sustainable issue is exciting! The car itself is like a great work of art too. This is all new to me, can’t wait to be an owner.

  2. Thank you. Thank you. Love the videos and the confirmation that Big Sur Blue is the same as Marianna Blue, only in matt. As much as I love the Marianna Blue, the white is very impressive. ? The header for the buttons to the sunroof looks different than the one at the shows. Actually nicer. ?

  3. Thanks for the great videos! It helped me finalize my color choice which is Marianna. I recognized a new wheel on the Big Sur Blue that I haven’t seen before. That’s basically my most difficult choice to make. As you mentioned earlier, I would also like to see more 20’ wheel options or at least a picture of the current wheel without the cover. The press release from Feb. doesn’t show too much.

What are your thoughts?