Is the Fisker Ocean SolarSky Roof Worth It?

Fisker Ocean SolarSky Roof

Fisker Ocean SolarSky Roof will be a zero emissions energy source for your first electric vehicle.

At a time when energy prices are through the roof, having a solar panel on the entire roof of a car makes complete sense. However, is it worth it financially? The 2022 all-electric Fisker Ocean electric SUV will offer an optional full-length solar roof named the SolarSky Roof.

Fisker will be the first car company to put a full length solar roof onto a production car. The SolarSky Roof adds elements of sustainability and beauty to the Fisker Ocean. You can harness the power of the sun to power your electric vehicle. It is literally the cleanest power you can find! We’ve recently reviewed all Fisker roof options including the SolarSky Roof.

Very few electric vehicles offer a solar roof today. Why not take advantage of the sun to generate energy for your electric car, especially when you have a battery to store the electricity? The Fisker SolarSky solar roof will supply between 1,500 to 2,000 miles of range per year for commuter drivers. However, conditions must be pretty good like in California, Arizona, or Nevada with sunny skies and solar irradiation of 5.4 kWh/m2/day. We are still far off from a solar roof fully powering an electric car with a significant charge. Nonetheless, you could drive 10% to 15% using sun power depending on your total miles driven each year.

How much is the SolarRoof going to cost you?

With astronomical gas prices worldwide the solar roof may be worth it to you. According to AAA, national gas prices in the United States are currently $4.76/gallon. A gallon of regular gas is up $0.93/gallon since we first published this article on March 4, 2022. However, if you live on the West Coast, you’re paying over $6.24/gallon for regular unleaded gas. If you’re paying over $6/gallon for gas, the Fisker SolarSky Roof will pay off over the lifetime of the vehicle and it’s good for the environment. It will work well for the commuter that can’t charge at home each night at lower rates.

AAA Gas Prices as of June 3, 2022

The solar roof feature in the Fisker Ocean won’t be free. The starting price of the Fisker Ocean EV will start at $37,499 with the Sport version. However, the Fisker Ocean Sport will not offer the SolarSky Roof. It is also not clear right now if that will be an add-on option for the Fisker Sport. If you want this premium feature you will need to pay up for it. The Fisker SolarSky roof will be available on the Fisker Ocean Extreme and Fisker Ocean One. The Fisker Ultra, Fisker Extreme, and Fisker Ocean One will range in price from $49,999 to $68,999. Of course, you get a lot of additional features with the more premium Fisker Ocean models.

Bottomline, we think the SolarSky roof is a great innovation and will pay for itself if you live in a sunny climate. That is worth it to us with the cost of energy skyrocketing week after week with no relief in sight. Who really knows what energy prices will be like in November 2022 when the Fisker Ocean begins rolling off the production line?

Henrik Fisker shows off SolarSky Roof in action

Today, Henrik tweeted a photo of the SolarSky Roof in action. Not only does the roof have a solar panel, it also retracts like a sky roof hence the name (SolarSky Roof). You can see the circuitry and rawness from inside the cabin. It is a very nice design aesthetic like exposed beams in the interior of a house. We should expect the solar roof to appear on the Fisker PEAR and Fisker products in the future.

Photos of the SolarSky Roof on the Fisker Ocean

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