Initial European Customers Receive Fisker Ocean Delivery Details

Fisker provides European customers in the ‘first wave’ of Ocean One deliveries with the next steps by sharing vehicle collection details.

Fisker Center+ location in Vienna, Austria.
Fisker Center+ location in Vienna, Austria.

Today, Fisker contacted the first wave of European customers regarding their Fisker Ocean One deliveries. So far, we’ve seen emails from approximately a dozen Fisker customers in Denmark and Germany. The email, titled “Prepare to pick up your vehicle” when translated to English, included significant information. We couldn’t be any more excited for Fisker and its initial customers across Europe!

Yesterday, Fisker reached out to Fisker Ocean One customers to communicate their plan for customer deliveries in North America and Europe. They stated that customers in Europe, who are part of the initial wave of deliveries, would begin receiving their estimated delivery dates via email today. It seems that Fisker sent out the emails around the local time’s close of business.

Exact Delivery Dates Coming Soon

The customers welcomed the emails with enthusiasm as they contained a suggested window for when Fisker Ocean Ones would be ready for collection at Center+ locations. For instance, the estimated date range provided was June 14th through June 30th. Fisker mentioned that they would supply customers with the exact date during the first week of June 2023. Additionally, Fisker shared the assigned vehicle identification number for their electric SUVs with the customers.

Furthermore, the email proceeded to offer information about potential next steps, including trading in a used vehicle, applying for an auto loan through Fisker Finance, purchasing The Fisker Ocean with a cash payment, and even receiving an offer for Fisker Insurance. Finally, it outlined specific details regarding the collection of the vehicle, the necessary documents to bring, and scheduling a convenient time for the customers.

Insights Into Upcoming Email for North American Customers

North American customers who locked in their Fisker Ocean early could possibly receive a similar email on May 26th, providing them with valuable information on their Fisker Ocean One deliveries. While the estimated delivery dates may differ, today’s email offers customers in the US a preview of what lies ahead. Fisker expects to deliver their earliest North American vehicles in late June. The selection of customers for the initial wave will depend on factors like delivery speed and the logistics capabilities of Fisker’s delivery centers. At this moment, Fisker is only waiting on EPA range approval for North American deliveries, which is expected by the end of the month.

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