How to Preorder Your Fisker Ocean Now

Fisker Ocean

We show you how to reserve and pre-order your Fisker Ocean Sport to possibly qualify for the US $7,500 Federal EV tax credit.

Pre-ordering your Fisker Ocean Extreme, Ultra, and Sport
Pre-ordering your Fisker Ocean Extreme, Ultra, and Sport.

Today, we want to share with you our experience of reserving and pre-ordering our second Fisker Ocean all on the same day. You read that right. We just reserved our second Fisker Ocean. Then moments later we pre-ordered it.

You may be wondering why or how to pre-order your Fisker Ocean now if you live in the United States. We’ll show you what you need to do. It’s a simple process and may help you retain your eligibility to take advantage of the $7,500 US Federal EV tax credit.

Why is Fisker doing this for US customers?

As you may know by now, the $7,500 US Federal EV tax credit appears to be going away for electric vehicles not made in North America. This will happen as soon as US President Biden signs the new Inflation Reduction Act into law if it makes it to his desk. It may be a week or two away, but everything is pointing to this happening shortly. Since the US Federal tax credit is going away, Fisker is trying to help their customers potentially receive the EV tax credit subject to interpretation by the Internal Revenue Service.

Two Steps to Pre-order Your Fisker Ocean

We think our family will need another electric vehicle next year. That means we wanted to possibly qualify for the $7,500 EV tax credit that’s going away soon. In order to do this, we reserved our second Fisker Ocean. Then, we immediately pre-ordered it. Below are the two steps you need to follow if you’re interested. If you’ve already reserved a Fisker Ocean and live here in the US, skip Step 1 below and jump straight to Step 2. As an FYI, we used our desktop computer to access the Fisker site. You will not be able to use the Fisker Flexee app to do this at the current time. Continue reading below.

Step 1: Reserving Your Fisker Ocean

Reserving your Fisker Ocean.

Since we’ve already pre-ordered our Fisker Ocean One, we no longer had an active reservation. That means we had to reserve our second Fisker Ocean. We logged into our Fisker account on the Fisker website using our desktop computer and went to the Reserve page.

The Reserve page now has some new language. It says, “Pre-order your own all-electric, zero-emissions Fisker Ocean. Select models arriving in 2022. Current pricing subject to change.”

After we input our payment details we hit the button to “Confirm and Pay”. We were then take to a confirmation screen and received a confirmation email in a matter of moments. The email says, “Reservation Confirmed: Welcome to the Fisker Fam!”.

After reserving our second Fisker Ocean, and receiving the email confirmation, we headed over to our Fisker account to view our reservations. On this screen we saw our second Fisker Ocean reservation.

This screen shows our reservation date (August 7, 2022), referral code (DDK87H), Reservation ID, and Reservation Fee ($100). Since this is our second Fisker Ocean reservation, it only costs us $100 to reserve compared to the $250 required for the first reservation. As you can see, there is a blue “Order” button next to this reservation.

Step 2: Pre-Ordering Your Fisker Ocean

Reserving our second Fisker Ocean.

Now, from the reservation webpage on the Fisker website using our desktop computer, we pressed the blue “Order” button. Once we pressed that button, we were taken to a new webpage. The page was hosted by a third-party site managed by Fisker.

On this webpage, we were presented with a form to complete titled, “Fisker Ocean Order and Trim Confirmation”. We’ve included a copy of the form below for your reference. This form began by explaining the Inflation Reduction Act and why Fisker is allowing us to place a non-refundable pre-order for our Fisker Ocean.

To place a non-refundable pre-order, you need to provide your vehicle’s home address. Then, you need to select the trim you want to pre-order. You can choose Ocean Extreme, Ultra, or Sport. I chose the Fisker Ocean Sport since we’ve already pre-ordered the Ocean One. Lastly, you need to read and understand and agree to the Fisker Ocean Order Agreement Terms and Conditions.

Once you have done that, press the “Submit” button. You’ll be taken to a confirmation screen. The confirmation screen will read, “Your order has been submitted. We will contact you with confirmation and next steps. Thank you for being part of our vision of a Clean Future for All.” In a minute or two, we received an email confirmation shortly with the subject line of “Congratulations: You’re Getting a Fisker Ocean!”

Our final thoughts

The two step process is pretty simple and straightforward. After everything was complete, we went back to our Fisker account and the blue “Order” button is still present. We clicked it again and it takes us to the confirmation screen. Fisker will need to fix this by removing the “Order” button and replacing it with a Confirmed message like they do the Ocean One pre-order.

We would love to know about your experience and whether or not you were able to pre-order your Fisker Ocean. Let us know in the comments below. Tell us whether you simply converted an existing reservation, or reserved and pre-ordered either your first or second Fisker Ocean. What trim did you choose?

Reserve Your Fisker Ocean

Reserve your Fisker Ocean or PEAR at using referral code DDK87H.

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19 thoughts on “How to Preorder Your Fisker Ocean Now

  1. I tried yesterday afternoon, last night and this morning. My reservation was from last month. I entered my address, picked the Extreme and checked the box. I am continuously getting an error message.

      1. Nothing yet. Disappointing that I am losing my place probably in line. Going on 18 hours. I tried from my phone, home computer and office computer. Also Edge and Chrome. Sigh…

        1. If you have difficulty, for whatever reason, sent an email to Fisker support at [email protected] with the error message/issue(s) you’re facing. Then, try troubleshooting on your end. Try using a different device. If you’re having issues on your desktop computer, try a different computer, use your mobile device, try a different browser, etc. Clear your browser cache and cookies. Try an Incognito browser (Chrome) or Private browser (Safari). Maybe you’ll work through the issue trying different options. Hope this helps.

          1. Hi Sean,
            I emailed Fisker Support at 5:00 est yesterday. I sent them the error message. I tried my phone, home and office computer. I tried Chrome, Edge and Safari. Same error message every time. Nothing back from Fisker Support. I now probably have fallen behind thousands of orders. Not good

          2. Sorry to hear it’s still not working for you Bill. Super frustrating. Sounds like you’ve done all the troubleshooting steps. Guess it is a waiting game now for Fisker support to respond. You may even want to try contacting the Rådgiver on the Fisker site (the Live Chat). Fingers crossed for you.

          3. You’re still in the reservation queue. Nothing has change there. We will need to see if Fisker: creates a waitlist for US reservation holders or is able to increase production capacity in 2023. I’m sure more will follow soon.

  2. I was able to order my Ocean Sport. I doubt the credit will be allowed, but it doesn’t cost much to try. Besides, the Ocean Sport is the best EV available for $37500, even without the tax credit.

  3. I went through the steps to confirm my order for the Extreme. I received the confirmation email, but I do find it concerning that the blue pre-order button is still present as indicated in your article.

  4. Per the IRS’s requirements for the current tax credits, you have to have the vehicle within the calendar year (not just pay for it)…There does not appear to be a guarantee that turning your order in to a binding contract will actually work and secure the existing tax credit scheme.

    1. Take a look at the ‘Transition Rule’ on page 386, of the August 6, 2022 draft. It allows a qualifying taxpayer that entered into a written binding contract for a qualifying vehicle prior to enactment of the Inflation Reduction Act, and takes delivery of such vehicle after enactment of the Act, to elect to treat the vehicle has having been placed in service on the day prior to enactment of the Act in order to take advantage of the current $7,500 tax credit structure.

  5. I confirmed my Ultra but am still concerned with ordering a car that cannot even be looked at, yet alone a test drive. Is this how the Tesla experience started back in the day? Fyi, I had to use my ho.e computer to complete the order given it would not work on my cell phone. Once I logged on using my computer it was hassle free.

  6. Not sure about the Model S but with the Model 3 it was sight unseen reservations. I had an early build (Jan 2018) that I rented out on Turo to 25 Guests. Of course deposits were refundable. I’m doing the same with my Rivian R1T now. The Federal Tax Credit was not an issue.

What are your thoughts?