How to Make the Fisker Ocean Even Better

Fisker Ocean Pebble Beach Monterey 2022

You’ve heard so many good things about the Fisker Ocean, now let’s take a look at some ways the company can make the electric SUV even better.

Fisker Ocean Pebble Beach Monterey 2022
Fisker Ocean on display at Pebble Beach in August 2022.

As you know, we’ve talked all about the things we love about the Fisker Ocean including the SolarSky Roof, California Mode, and Revolve screen. Today, we take a look at initial customer feedback of the Fisker Ocean to help the company improve the electric vehicle. You’re probably asking yourself, what’s not to like about the Fisker Ocean? Well, we collected feedback from customers on things Fisker can do to make the electric vehicle even better.

Now, it’s worth stating up front that none of us have test driven the Fisker Ocean. In fact, the Fisker Ocean won’t start production until November 17th of this year. However, some of us have sat in a pre-production prototype at various pop-up locations. How many people have actually sat in a Fisker Ocean? Hundreds? Thousands? One thing is for certain, all of us have seen a lot of of photos and videos of the electric SUV. And most of us have either pre-ordered or reserved a Fisker Ocean. We want the Fisker Ocean to be the best electric vehicle it can be. We don’t know anyone that has pre-ordered a Fisker Ocean that isn’t excited to get their electric vehicle. It’s probably the reason why the company has over 58,000 reservations to date.

Making the Fisker Ocean even better

We’ve written countless articles about the Fisker Ocean. In fact, we laid out our reasons why we pre-ordered the Fisker Ocean One. Even after going through all the feedback we’ve seen to date, we would happily pre-order the electric SUV again today. The purpose of this article is to bring attention to early customer feedback based on what people have seen today. We want to give Fisker product managers feedback to make the Fisker Ocean even better as it takes time to implement new ideas.

To do so, we asked members of Fiskerati Forums a simple question last month. Anything you don’t like about the Fisker Ocean so far? We wanted to find out if there is anything readers can think of to improve upon the Fisker Ocean. The feedback to date has been plentiful and is consistent across our social media accounts. When we get a chance to test drive a Fisker Ocean or take delivery of our Ocean One, whichever comes first, we will revisit this customer feedback below.

More 20″ Wheel Options

Fisker Ocean Pebble Beach Monterey 2022
22″ SlipStream wheels on the Fisker Ocean.

Customers want to see more 20″ wheel options offered by Fisker. To date, Fisker only offers one 20″ wheel option together with four 22″ wheel options.

For example, the AirGliders in a 20″ wheel option would be our ideal wheel. The reason, they look incredibly nice, are big enough, and won’t impact battery range.

By selecting 22″ wheels on the Fisker Ocean, it will lower the battery range anywhere between 15 to 25 miles per charge. Not to mention, the cost to replace 22″ tires is about $100 extra per tire than it costs for 20″ tires. More miles per charge and less rubber per tire is better for the environment.

Alternative Seat Options

Fisker Ocean Pebble Beach Monterey 2022
MaliBlu seats in the Fisker Ocean.

Customers have some strong feedback around Fisker Ocean seat options. Ventilated seats are a feature customers want, especially by those that live in warm or hot climates. To date, the Fisker Ocean spec sheet does not list this as a feature. Ventilated seats are designed to keep your body comfortable, no matter what the temperature is outside of your vehicle. While we have never sat in a vehicle with ventilated seats, we hear so many positive things about them.

Furthermore, customers want an additional mixture of interior color and material options. For example, Fisker offers three color options to date including Black Abyss, Sea Salt, and MaliBlu. The company provides these color options in either a material called EcoSuede, EcoLeather, EcoFabric, or a combination thereof. To date, the Fisker Ocean configurator only list the color options. Customers want all three color options to be provided in each material option. That means Fisker could provide a pure EcoLeather option for both Sea Salt and MaliBlu in addition to Black Abyss.

Offer Heads-Up-Display

Fisker Ocean Brooklyn, New York City Pop-up Location
Digital instrument panel on the Fisker Ocean.

Customers want a heads-up-display (HUD). The HUD feature projects an image onto the vehicle’s windshield. It can display items such as the speed the vehicle is traveling, warning signals, or arrows from an onboard navigation system. This allows drivers to keep their eyes on the road. To date, the Fisker Ocean spec sheet does not list a HUD as an available option.

When looking at the professional photos of the Fisker Ocean, it’s clear the older prototypes don’t offer this type of feature either. However, the Fisker Ocean will have a digital instrument panel directly in front of the steering wheel. We had a HUD on our BMW 3 Series in addition to a digital instrument panel and it was rather nice. Maybe the digital instrument panel will be good enough. We can’t wait to take the Fisker Ocean for a test drive to experience it firsthand.

Paint Color Options

Fisker Ocean Solar Orange
Fisker Ocean test vehicle in Solar Orange.

Customers who ordered Fisker Ocean One would love to have some of the 2023 paint color option available at launch. To date, Fisker will offer seven paint color options at launch. The company will then add seven more paint color options in 2023.

Now, Fisker has been pretty clear from the get go about which paint colors are available at launch colors including the beautiful Big Sur Blue in a metallic matte finish. Everyone who pre-ordered the Fisker Ocean One knew what color options were available.

However, it doesn’t hurt to tell the company that there are a lot of customers that want Solar Orange on their Fisker Ocean One. Henrik teased us by recently taking delivery of a Solar Orange Fisker Ocean at HQ last month. Maybe the company can find a magical way to make this one a reality!?


Well, there is just some of the feedback we’ve seen to date. There is a lot more if you explore Fiskerati Forums or the comments on the Fiskerati site. Hopefully product managers at Fisker can use this feedback to further improve upon the Fisker Ocean. It’s an amazing vehicle and we all want it to be the best electric vehicle it can possibly be.

Clearly some of this feedback can’t be implemented in the vehicles expected to roll off the assembly line in November of this year. However, implementing this feedback at a future date would be welcomed by many future customers. Let us know in the comments how you would improve the Fisker Ocean based on everything you have seen to date.

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18 thoughts on “How to Make the Fisker Ocean Even Better

  1. The loss of the originally discussed HUD may be a deal breaker. I don’t require an extra speaker array in the original determined HUD envelope. I am trying to buy a state of the art EV, not a Boom Box?

  2. I would love to have more adjustable front seats. The option to adjust seatlength to rest long legs for one. Seats are important when driving for hours.

    1. Can’t have a rear wiper on a window that goes up and down. A regular application of Rain-X plus the airflow from the rear roof spoiler and side window louvres should adequately clear it. Not to mention it has a rear facing camera that serves a rearview mirror when the back area is blocked.

      1. I remember a video Henrik posted to Twitter a long while back that talked about a “Magic Wiper”, but since I have not heard anything about it! Will be interesting to see what Fisker has in store in the wiper department for the rear window.

        1. I was curious about what appears to be a rear wiper switch in one of the Brooklyn candid photos when the Ocean supposedly doesn’t have a rear wiper. Maybe someone can ask at one of the future pop-ups?

      2. Yes, you can have a rear window wiper on a window that “goes up and down,” It is not easy, but Toyota has done it with the Land Cruiser and 4Runner……

    1. Russell, I agree with you. However, Henrik Fisker made a decision early in the design of the Fisker Ocean to NOT have a “Frunk,” because research showed that people who had one, rarely ever used it, and having one would have significantly increased the cost of the vehicle..Hence, not having a frunk is one of the key factors that has contributed to the relatively low cost of the vehicle…..

  3. i agree with ventilated seats – makes a huge difference in comfort on long trips
    good headlights is a must – going from a 2012 jeep to a 2022 Tucson hybrid made me able to drive at night again 😉
    HUD or no HUD.. i don’t really care as long as the screen is not blocked by the steering wheel ..

    we will see – but model y still doesn’t have ventilated seats yet either ..

    i agree with smaller rims – don’t want to have to avoid potholes all the time to prevent tire damage 😉

  4. This is a great list. My wife’s EV6 has ventilated seats and they are a dream. Never get out of her car with a sopping back like I do when I get out of my Y.
    The wheels are another thing. I’m ultimately going to end up buying some 20s, and I wish I could just get them from Fisker in a different style than what is offered. Who actually wants the 20 they are offering?
    Finally, the HUD. I’m not sure how Fisker justifies leaving the HUD off when Henrik talks about getting tech into their cars faster than everyone else. The HUD isn’t a deal-breaker, but the combination of the 3 above are why I couldn’t commit to a One, and will probably end up with a GV60 to replace my Y even after waiting for an Ocean for ~3 years.

    1. Thanks for the comments Ray! Yes, agreed, I would much prefer to buy alternative 20″ wheels directly from Fisker! Ventilated seats sound like a dream and the HUD is nice having used one for a few years. Surprisingly, since I got the Tesla Model 3 a year ago, I actually don’t miss the HUD one bit. It’s more of a nice to have than a must have. I will say a digital speedometer the size of what Fisker is slowing off might just do the trick.

What are your thoughts?