How to Get Ready for Your Fisker Ocean

Fisker Ocean Charging

Join our live stream tonight as we discuss how to get ready for your Fisker Ocean before it arrives as we talk about charging options.

Tonight, join our YouTube Live Stream about getting ready for your Fisker Ocean. The event will take place at 6pm Pacific, 8pm Central, and 9pm Eastern Time. We’ll be joined by our special guest host Matthew Nelson. He is a guest contributor, EV enthusiast, and has pre-ordered the Fisker Ocean One.

We’re going to cover how to get ready for your Fisker Ocean before it arrives. We will specifically focus on various charging solutions. We’ll discuss things like selecting a charger, using an electrician to install it or going the DIY route, choosing the correct electric plan with your power company, how to identify your nearest charging locations, and much more.

Also, we’ll take your questions live and do our best to answer them. Feel free to pre-submit your questions below in the comments. Don’t miss the show! Enable notifications by following the Fiskerati YouTube channel, on the Live Stream event page, or by using the “Notify Me” option after pressing the play button on the video above.

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13 thoughts on “How to Get Ready for Your Fisker Ocean

  1. Will there be a fee for the app used to locate charging stations? Will that app be on the Fisker apps in car?

  2. We’ve already installed a 240 outlet to charge our Tesla. Will we be able to use the same outlet to charge our Fisker?

  3. We already have a Tesla home charger set up, will the ocean have an attachment hookup for the Tesla charger or will we have to install another charger?

  4. What will equipment will have to be installed in order to take advantage of the Ocean’s PowerHouse (V2H) feature?

  5. No questions but thanx for your great work on informing us so much about the Ocean! I’ve preordered it and visit your site several times pr week 🙂

  6. What about 208V? My house is fed with two legs from a commercial 3-Phase transformer. Are there any special considerations for this situation?

  7. Sean, why is the “FISKERATI” on your T-shirt backwards on this livestream, while the “YouTube” on Matt’s T-shirt is not?

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