How to Finance Your Fisker Ocean

Big Sur Blue Matte Finish

Fisker will provide you with auto loan financing options to purchase the Fisker Ocean when you pre-order the electric SUV.

Fisker Ocean One
Fisker Ocean Extreme, Big Blue Sir, with black 22″ F3 SlipStream wheels.

Pre-ordering your Fisker Ocean is just around the corner. For early reservation holders, the day to pre-order will come as early as July. Fisker is going to make financing your new Fisker Ocean electric SUV as easy as possible.

The company announced it has partnered with Chase Bank to provide financing options for Fisker Ocean reservation holders. Fisker will work close with Chase Auto and its private label service. The company will offer various auto loan options directly in its mobile Fisker Flexee app.

Fisker realizes very few consumers will be able to purchase their Fisker Ocean in cash. Most will need to finance their new wheels with an auto loan. When you are eligible to pre-order your Fisker Ocean, you’ll get to select feature upgrades and optional packages for your trim. For example, if you want to purchase an Ocean Ultra, you’ll get an option to select Fisker’s signature 22″ F3 SlipStream wheels. This option is now available on all Ocean trims.

Fisker Ocean Financing Options

Financing Options for 2022 Fisker Ocean
Financing Options for 2022 Fisker Ocean.

When you use the Fisker Flexee mobile app to pre-order your Fisker Ocean, you’ll likely be offered 36, 48, and 72-month auto loan options. Those are the most common auto loans for financing a new vehicle purchases.

As of today, rates from Chase Auto for a new base model 2023 Fisker Ocean Sport priced at $37,499 range from 4.44% to 4.54%. This assumes you have excellent credit and can finance the entire purchase. Your payment could range from $594/month to $855/month. Of course, these rates will change when you’re eligible to purchase your Fisker Ocean.

To pre-qualify in Fisker’s app, you’ll need to provide your name, address, gross annual income, and last 4 digits of your social security number. Chase Bank will run a soft inquiry about your credit information, which won’t affect your credit score.

Pre-qualification gives you an idea if you can afford the Ocean Sport or a more premium trim. Note, pre-qualification isn’t a financing application or a guaranteed offer. Alternatively, Fisker may choose to forgo this the pre-qual step and make everyone go straight to the financing application. We will have to wait and see.

Alternative Financing Options

It never hurts to shop around for better auto loan rates. Don’t forget, you can always go to your local credit union to obtain an auto loan to finance your Fisker Ocean. According to Bank Rate, lesser known banks offer better rates than the big banks. However, using a third-party won’t be a frictionless financing experience. That’s what Fisker aims to offer its reservation holders.

Fisker will also offer a Flexible Lease Program. For those that want a lease option, the base $37,499 Fisker Ocean Sport would cost $379/month. However, there is a one-time $2,999 initiation and activation fee using Fisker’s Flexible Lease.

Fisker Ocean Price

Fisker Ocean Configurator.

The starting price for the base model Fisker Ocean Sport is $37,499. As you build your Fisker Ocean in the new 3D configurator, you’ll see the total price update in real-time.

You’ll know how much adding those premium wheels or cold weather package will set you back. When you’re finished building your Fisker Ocean, you’ll get a chance to see how much it will cost paying cash or using Fisker’s finance options.

Every additional feature upgrade or optional package you choose will quickly run up the total purchase price. If the cost is too much, remember, Fisker is going to make some options available through over-the-air updates. That might make the cost of purchasing a Fisker Ocean more affordable.

Reserve Your Fisker Ocean

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12 thoughts on “How to Finance Your Fisker Ocean

  1. I’m quite interested in getting the leasing cost for the Extreme. Never leased before, but 30k miles, open lease for a couple of $k to start the lease, is pretty compelling. It takes away my concerns in battery degradation & maintenance. Can just swap it out for a new one in a few years. Need to know the monthly amount to make a decision.

    1. Yes, Flexible Lease pricing for both Extreme and Ultra will be interesting if that becomes an option. Fisker will share more details later this year or at least that is the plan. I figure the Extreme would be at least double that of the Sport and Ultra is somewhere in between. The 30,000 annual miles is at least double what we could possibly use in a year. We will be forced to do more cross country roadtrips, charging stations permitted!

  2. We bought Tesla Model 3 for our daughter this year. The monitor can not change to larger font. I reserved Fisker Ocean. I hope it can change to larger font

    1. I agree font size should be an option to adjust especially since it’s a very easy thing to include.

  3. What about the Fisker Lease? I haven’t heard much about it lately. I will not be paying cash (I wish), so I’ll be looking at financing or leasing. Since this is a new brand vehicle, will I have issues getting a loan through another financial organization?

  4. Very curious about the number of reservations to sell out the One too.

    Im somewhere close to 22k in line. Based upon 42% published ordering one/extreme, that places me somewhere around 9k in line.

    Unless early reservations heavily ordered the cheaper models, I’m about 6-months too late for the One.

    Would be happy for a surprise email offering it to me, but that would indicate weakness for the Ocean. Would rather have strong demand, since I’ve been buying shares.

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