How Many Email Invites Have Been Sent to Pre-Order Fisker Ocean One

Henrik Fisker

Henrik Fisker takes to social media speaking directly to reservation holders that received email invites to pre-order Fisker Ocean One.

Today, we wrote about why we pre-ordered the Fisker Ocean One. Not long after our post, Henrik Fisker took to social media. In a video post, Henrik speaks to those that received email invitations earlier this week to pre-order Fisker Ocean One.

“This week, we went out to our first reservation holders, to invite you to make a firm order for the Fisker Ocean One. It’s our limited edition Ocean. We’re only going to make 5,000. And by making this firm order we can now start preparing your specific vehicle with your color choices, your wheel choices, etc. Thank you for being part of history. And Thank you for being a part of making a cleaner future for all.”

Henrik Fisker, Chariman & CEO of Fisker Inc.

According to the company, invitations will be extended to the next group of reservation holders three days from Tuesday. That means Fisker plans to send out the next wave of emails tomorrow. It makes us wonder, how many email invites have been sent out to date to pre-order Fisker Ocean One?

Fisker Ocean One Email Invites

Fisker Ocean One Pre Ordering
Fisker Ocean One pre-order landing page.

On Friday of last week, the company officially kicked off pre-ordering of the Fisker Ocean One. Fisker sent out a small sample group of email invites to early reservation holders to pre-order the Fisker Ocean One.

However, Fisker did not give specifics on the quantity of email invites sent. We estimate 500 emails invites were distributed. This is based on the date of which people reserved their Fisker Ocean that received them.

Then on Tuesday, Fisker sent out a big wave of email invites to more early reservation holders to pre-order Fisker Ocean One. The company did not share how many email invites went out this week. All we know is that it was a large group of email invites. The company said it would sent out email invites sequentially starting with reservation holder #1. The size of this email batch is much harder to determine, but we want to try to figure it out with your help.

Fisker Ocean Reservation Queue

Fisker Reservation Chart June 2022
Fisker Reservation Chart June 2022.

To start things off, we received our email invite on Tuesday. We reserved the Fisker Ocean on September 27, 2020. That would put our spot in the Fisker Ocean reservation queue around 7,200.

However, we are just a sample of one. And we know for a fact many people who reserved the Fisker Ocean after us received an email invitation to pre-order the Fisker Ocean One.

Last night, we did a live stream about Fisker Ocean One pre-ordering to give everyone an update from our perspective. During the broadcast, we asked people viewing if they received an email invitation. We asked them what date they reserved their Fisker Ocean and their location trying to find out who was the most recent reservation holder. We must have had 15 replies to this question.

One viewer in Florida said they received their email invite this week and reserved the Fisker Ocean in September 2021. Another viewer from Southern California received their email invite and reserved the Fisker Ocean in October 2021. And then, a viewer from Wilmington, NC topped everyone. She said she got the email invite this week and reserved her Fisker Ocean in November 2021. We’ve heard others in the Fiskerati Forums with similar dates so it checks out. That would put us around 20,000 in the reservation queue or thereabouts.

One thing to remember

There is a little wrinkle how many reservation holders may have been contacted to pre-order Fisker Ocean One. When we pre-ordered our Fisker Ocean One, the messaging in Step 1 required us to confirm our delivery address. The webpage read, “First, you’ll enter your delivery address to confirm an Ocean One is still available in your region.” The keywords there are still available in your region.

At some point, Fisker Ocean Ones will run out in specific regions whatever those may be. As a result, people will be skipped if Fisker runs out of Ocean Ones in a particular region. Then, Fisker will have to contact people who may have more recently reserved their Fisker Ocean or they will need to broaden their definition of region. Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Where do you think we are in the reservation queue at this point?

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29 thoughts on “How Many Email Invites Have Been Sent to Pre-Order Fisker Ocean One

  1. Reserved on Jan. 2020. Received invite on Tuesday. Decided to wait for Ultra. Also want a test drive etc.

    1. Received pre-order invite July 13. Reservation made March 17, 2022. On the fence for placing a deposit on the Launch Edition. Portland, OR.

  2. Reserved 06/22/21. Received email on 07/05/22. Pre-ordered the One. I’m near St. Paul, MN.

  3. Is that the big sur blue color version he is driving in this promo? I also wonder for those of us with the ability to take delivery in multiple regions what would be the best(earliest delivery) region to put?

    1. That is Big Sur Blue. According to Fisker, “Delivery times will vary based on location- the United States is part of the day 1 launch regions on November 17, 2022.”

  4. I am in central Florida. I had reserved on January 14th 2020. I. Received invitation on July 5th and booked same day.

  5. I just received my invitation today, July 8th. I placed my order Feb 17, 2022. I’m surprised I got a chance to order. But I’m wanting for the Ultra trim level

  6. I reserved in June 2022 – I doubt I’ll get an email but crossing fingers. I know out of 50k reservations, half probably drop…the remaining half are likely a majority ultra/sport buyers…and even Extreme buyers that don’t want to front the $5k. Holding out hope but prob not in my favor.

    1. Signed up Feb 21st 2022, received email yesterday (July 8) for the Ocean One. Will not be pre ordering.

  7. I got my invitation email today, and had put in my reservation on 1/12/22.

    I will probably wait. I haven’t tried to convince my wife yet. We are a 3 car family (xc70, m3, leaf) and this would replace our last ice car. I was planning a 1h2023 purchase, after test driving the ocean and r1s.

    Also, a lack of roof rack options is a deal breaker for me.

  8. Reserved 01/22/22 Received invite today. Midwest. Want a One/Extreme, but have an early-ish Model Y which has me leaning toward waiting

  9. Reserved Feb 7, 2022. Got an email today (Jul 8, 2022) and pre-ordered the One, Big Sur Blue / MaliBlu / F5 Black. Super-stoked!

    1. Is Malibu better or Sea Salt for interior? I am going back and forth between these two. Big Sur Blue and F3 Black is my combo otherwise.

      1. I wouldn’t say one interior color is better than another. It’s all preference MJ. However, I prefer Black Abyss as I believe it will appear cleaner than Sea Salt or MaliBlu.

  10. Dec 2, 2021 reservation, Southern California. I got my email today (7/8/22) but will be waiting for the Sport trim.

  11. I reserved Feb 18th (prob around the 33k reservation number) and got my invite to order my Ocean One today July 8th. I thought I was not going to get the pre-order thinking 5k of the 30k+ ahead of me would jump on the first cars off production. Looking forward to my Night Drive Ocean One with Maliblu interior and black Air Gliders. Let’s go Henrik!!

  12. Got the email on July 4, reserved in March 2021 so per the chart above I was around 14k reservations in. I’m in Los Angeles so I’m hoping that’s what got me further ahead in the queue. I did pull the trigger by the way ?

  13. I reserved my spot on February 15, 2022, and I received my pre-order invite on July 8, 2022. I ordered the same day,. I live in the Houston, Texas metro area.

  14. Reserved in March.
    Got my invitation on July 20th and immediately ordered a silver car. I think I can still change my mind after my wife tells me to. So excited. I am in Canada.

What are your thoughts?