Home EV Charging Solutions for Your Fisker Ocean

Fisker names Wallbox its global home EV charging partner and will offer home chargers available for purchase on its website.

Fisker Ocean and Wallbox charger used for home EV charging
Fisker Ocean and Wallbox charger used for home EV charging.

Today, Fisker named Wallbox as their global partner for home EV charging solutions. Fisker will offer Wallbox home EV chargers for sale through its website. Home EV chargers for Fisker customers will be available in the US, Canada, and European launch markets. They will work with the Fisker Ocean, PEAR, and other electric vehicles.

Fisker’s website will offer North American customers the Pulsar Plus. It is Wallbox’s most popular charger worldwide and one of the smallest smart universal EV chargers. In Europe, Fisker will be the first OEM to offer Wallbox’s Pulsar Max charger. It will provide localized charging solutions to drivers in seven European countries. Both chargers will display Fisker and Wallbox logos.

EV chargers can be installed in homes, offices, and multi-unit dwellings. They will provide customers with easy to use charging solutions for Fisker electric vehicles. Also, Fisker and Wallbox plan to offer home installation services provided by Wallbox in Europe. In the US and Canada, installation services will be provided by COIL, a Wallbox company.

Wallbox Pulsar Plus smart chargers will be available to Fisker Ocean reservation holders starting November 2022 in the U.S. and Canada. Wallbox Pulsar Max smart chargers will be available to Fisker Ocean reservation holders starting November 2022 in our European launch markets: Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, and The United Kingdom.

“Fisker is laser-focused on giving our customers simple and intuitive technology combined with clever design to make owning an EV easier. Together with Wallbox, we are providing class-leading, competitively priced chargers for Fisker owners. Wallbox’s track record of delivering well-designed, innovative, and dependable charging systems on a global scale makes the partnership a perfect fit for our customers and our business.”

Henrik Fisker, Chairman & CEO, Fisker Inc.

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10 thoughts on “Home EV Charging Solutions for Your Fisker Ocean

  1. All EVs have on-board AC chargers. You still need an EVSE to connect it to the house.

    Yes, the Ocean supports V2G/H. Bi-directional chargers will be coming out next year: Emporia V2X and Wallbox Quasar 2.

    1. A lot of people don’t know what type of charger to get for their EV. By Fisker recommended chargers it takes a lot of guess work out for customers. The charging solutions are going to be “competitively priced” for customers which could mean you’ll find something slightly less expensive elsewhere. However, the chargers sold on Fisker’s site will end up displaying the Fisker badge which is kind of cool. I plan to use my already installed Tesla Wall Connector. That is until we get more info on what Fisker recommends for bi-directional charging like the Quasar 2 by Wallbox.

  2. I had a Wallbox Pulsar Plus that I used to charge my BMW X5 45e and it frequently stopped working right. Would get errors on the charger, the car would have charge errors, etc. Wallbox customer support was great and they replaced it but the new one still wasn’t right. I ended up returning it for a Chargepoint Home Flex which has worked a lot better. The fact that Fisker is working directly with Wallbox should help so they ensure the compatibility between the car and charger as these things should work seamlessly together.

    1. I’ve used the Wallbox Pulsar Plus for 1 year without any issues. Would be curious to hear what specific errors you were seeing. I also tried the Chargepoint home flex but their network connection kept dropping on me, so I returned it. Looking forward to the bi-directional capability with Quasar 2.

  3. And he offers a Charger that not able to use V2H, WTF.. so he think we first have to buy a Wallbox charger and wait extra a year or 2, until wallbox release the Quasar 2 charger, so we can buy that afterwards .. is Henrik Fisker Stupid or what is the point to promise V2H function.

  4. I have similar concerns about the current Wallbox charger. How is it practical to commit to one now only to have to replace it in a year or so with a bidirectional charger? I doubt Fisker’s released details on compatible (non Wallbox) bidirectional chargers yet.

What are your thoughts?