Here Are Your Fisker Ocean Interior Options

Fisker Ocean Interior Sea Salt Front Center

The Fisker Ocean interior comes in three colors options and Black Abyss is the only one to come in either EcoSuede or EcoLeather.

Fisker Ocean Vegan Interior
Fisker Ocean vegan interior, Sea Salt (EcoSuede/EcoLeather) pictured.

Today, we learned more details about the Fisker Ocean interior. In the past, we’ve written a few articles about the vegan interior of the Fisker Ocean.

However, this is the first time we’re hearing about “EcoLeather”. This terminology like EcoSuede must be new(er) or we glossed over it.

Nevertheless, we are going to dive a bit deeper into your Fisker Ocean interior options. We will tell you all about the types of seats that will be offered and the materials that are used to make them.

Interior Overview

We all know Fisker will provide three interior color options. We have the choice of Black Abyss, Sea Salt, and MaliBlu interior. The interior color options are listed on the Fisker Ocean configurator, which is made available in the Fisker Flexee app or on the company’s website. Furthermore, we’ve also known the Fisker Ocean will come with vegan interior. It is made using recycled plastic bottles and polyester fibers. The seats come with several material options to meet your lifestyle needs.

EcoFabric Interior

EcoFabric is a material made with recycled fabrics. One of the Black Abyss seat options comes fully upholstered in EcoFabric. EcoFabric is used for the standard seat option on the Fisker Ocean Extreme, Ultra, and Sport.

EcoSuede Interior

EcoSuede is a material made with polyester fibers. It is derived from recycled plastic water bottles. Synthetic suede is made using a closed-loop manufacturing process. For instance, it is made using reclaimed chemistries and low-energy dye formulations. This helps Fisker lower its carbon footprint during the manufacturing process. Each square meter of EcoSuede has 40% recycled materials content. The MaliBlu and Sea Salt seats are made partly using this material.

EcoLeather Interior

EcoLeather is a material made with similar recycling methods to those used making polyester fibers. For instance, it is made using greener chemistries derived from corn oil and other bio feedstock. This material is designed to be flexible, resilient, and highly durable. One of the Black Abyss seat options comes fully upholstered in EcoLeather. Also, MaliBlu and Sea Salt seats are made partly using this material.

Four Seat Options

Fisker has confirmed with us that there are four seat options available on the Fisker Ocean. For example, we’ve seen the MaliBlu seats in many photos and videos. This seat option is made using a combination of both EcoSuede and EcoLeather. The same is true for the Sea Salt seat option. The Black Abyss seat comes in two options, either upholstered fully in EcoFabric or fully EcoLeather.

  • Full EcoFabric Black Seat option
  • Full EcoLeather Black Seat option
  • EcoSuede/EcoLeather SeaSalt Seat option
  • EcoSuede/EcoLeather MaliBlu Seat option

Standard Interior Options

Black Abyss is the only seat color option to come in either EcoFabric or EcoLeather. EcoFabric is your standard seat option on the Ocean Extreme, Ultra, and Sport. Sea Salt and MaliBlu come in EcoSuede with EcoLeather accents. MaliBlu is your standard option in the Ocean One.

If you’ve pre-ordered the Fisker Ocean One, at some point Fisker will let you choose your favorite interior color and material option before you finalize your configuration. This will likely be when the 3D configurator is released in October.

This interior optionality is good depending on your lifestyle and geography. For example, if you have a dog you may want to select EcoLeather to prevent pet hair from sticking to the seats. Alternatively, if you live in a hot climate you may want to select EcoFabric or EcoSuede to prevent your legs from burning on the seats.

Black Abyss in EcoFabric is the standard option across the Ocean Extreme, Ultra, and Sport. However, each trim comes with an option. For example, the Extreme comes with the option of Black Abyss in EcoLeather or Sea Salt in EcoSuede/EcoLeather. If you’ve pre-ordered the Fisker Ocean One, the standard interior option is MaliBlu in EcoSuede/EcoLeather, which happens to be one of the special features on the Ocean One.

Your Choices Simplified

Below is a table that breaks down your interior options for each Fisker Ocean trim level. You can use it to see what interior comes standard on each trim and what is an option. Please let us know in the comments which interior color and material options you will choose.

Fisker Ocean TrimStandardOptions
SportBlack Abyss (EcoFabric)Black Abyss (EcoLeather)
UltraBlack Abyss (EcoFabric)Black Abyss (EcoLeather); Sea Salt (EcoSuede/EcoLeather)
ExtremeBlack Abyss (EcoFabric)Black Abyss (EcoLeather); Sea Salt (EcoSuede/EcoLeather)
OneMaliBlu (EcoSuede/EcoLeather)Available options at no additional cost: Black Abyss (EcoLeather); Sea Salt (EcoSuede/EcoLeather)
Interior options available on each Fisker Ocean trim.

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  2. If black is the truly the only option for the Sport I am out, given that i live in Southern California. I am done with black interior.

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