Henrik Shows Off Fisker Pulse Sound System

Top Fisker Ocean package includes the Fisker Pulse sound system and it sounds great when we listened to it.

Today, Henrik is once again in Graz, Austria at Magna Steyr showing off a new Fisker Ocean feature. He appears to be in the same room where executives presented after our first look test drive of the electric SUV. Instead of a Fisker Ocean painted in Blue Planet, today we see an electric SUV in Silver Lining with Black Abyss interior, and 22″ F3 SlipStream wheels. However, today’s focus is the sound system on the Fisker Ocean.

Listening to Hotel California in the Fisker Ocean.
Listening to Hotel California in the Fisker Ocean.

In a short video clip posted to social media, Henrik shows off the Fisker Pulse. He states, “Inside the Fisker Ocean at the manufacturing plant, checking out the Fisker Pulse Soundsystem!” While sitting in the electric SUV, Henrik listens to the song Blind by Hercules & Love Affair. As he nods his head to the beat he says, “Here we’ve got the Black Abyss interior and an amazing stereo. Oh yeah!” It’s really awesome to finally get a video with audio of the sound system that we can share.

Fisker has concealed each of the speakers within the Fisker Ocean hiding each of them from view under fabric. Whether it’s the speakers in the door or the dashboard array, they’re invisible to the eye giving the interior a clean look. Now, you probably haven’t heard of Fisker Pulse before. Well, this was previously marketed as Fisker HyperSound. It’s the same immersive sound system on the Fisker Ocean One and Extreme trims, but with a different name.

We got to hear the sound system during our visit to Magna Steyr. We were sitting in the front passenger seat and got to hear part of Hotel California on all 16 speakers of the Fisker Ocean One. The speakers sounded a lot like the premium speakers on a previous vehicle we’ve owned. Even when turning up the volume really loud there was absolutely no distortion — the sound was crystal clear. We could have sat in the electric vehicle and listened to music all day long.

In Fisker’s Words…

Get your electric motor running, head out on the highway, and experience your favorite music on the premium Fisker Pulse Audio System. With 575 watts of power, 16 speakers, a 20.5L subwoofer, and one of the largest 6 channel dashboard speaker arrays of its kind, the Fisker Pulse system immerses the driver and passengers in a glorious sea of 360° sound.

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  1. I am a huge audio enthusiasts and am glad to hear the sound system impressed a lot. This is a must for my vehicles.

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