Henrik Gives Another Reason to Reserve or Pre-Order Ocean Extreme

Fisker Ocean Extreme

Henrik Fisker says the Ocean Extreme has over $30k of standard options compared to the Ocean Ultra giving another reason to pre-order now.

Henrik Fisker on stage at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Today, Henrik gave another reason for US customers to pre-order the Fisker Ocean Extreme. He took to Instagram and said, “Fisker Ocean Extreme has over $30k of standard options VS the Ocean Ultra! We will detail them in October on our new configurator including a few surprises.” Fisker’s message will help those debating the $19k mark up and value of the Ocean Extreme over the Ocean Ultra.

Choosing your Fisker Ocean trim can be a tough decision. However, when the CEO takes to social media to tell you one trim comes with $30k more features than the next, it makes it an easier decision. $30k of standard options over an Ocean Ultra are packed into the Ocean Extreme. You may be wondering what some of those might be and we have a pretty good idea of what they are.

While we don’t know what Fisker will charge for each standard option, we know which standard options come with the Extreme vs. the Ultra. The Ocean Extreme will come standard with the Winter Package (Remote Climate Control, Front/Rear Heated Seats, Heated Steering Wheel, etc.), Smart Traction, MaliBlu and Sea Salt interior, SolarSky roof, and Fisker HyperSound among other features. In October, we’ll get the price for each standard option.

Pre-Ordering Remains Open for Extreme

Fisker implemented a new ordering system last week for qualifying US-based Fisker Ocean reservation holders. They wanted to help customers retain eligibility for the $7,500 Federal tax credit. Currently, pre-ordering remains open in the US for Ocean Extreme. That ordering system will close as soon as US President Biden signs the new bill into law or Fisker sells out of the top Ocean trim. We detailed steps last week of how to pre-order a Fisker Ocean now for people that don’t already have a reservation.

Reserve Your Fisker Ocean

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10 thoughts on “Henrik Gives Another Reason to Reserve or Pre-Order Ocean Extreme

    1. I ordered the ultra trim, after I see the price for all the upgrade features in October, what will happen if I change mind want to update to the extreme trim? Thanks!

  1. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THE FISKER ONE? I put my deposit down and have never heard anything more – but keep seeing all these other models coming out

    1. You’re only hearing about these other Ocean trims because of the US EV tax system changes. Sit tight, production starts for our Ocean Ones on November 17th!

  2. The only thing I don’t like with the extreme is solarsky. I live near Seattle. There isn’t enough sunlight for solar. That’s why I was looking at the ultra.

    1. Yeah, you get like 3 months of sun up there, but not enough to justify the SolarSky roof other than for the coolness factor!

      1. There’s plenty of sun in Seattle! I live in Seattle and have solar on my roof at my home. I pay almost nothing for electricity!

        1. Ah, good to know! I lived there only for one year. I remember the brisk cold mornings, sometimes gray and misty, and a lot of clouds in the afternoon. Summers were the best for me. Beautiful place!

  3. I ordered an Extreme on the day the Inflation Reduction Bill was signed. From what I’ve read that will allow me to safely claim the $7500 incentive.
    Is this also your understanding of this issue ?

  4. I love how the “reservation queue” mattered exactly zero.

    Waited a year and a half to order my car, only to find out through a news article that it was sold out because the email subject was “EV Tax Credits” and not “The wait is over, order your car”.

    Wait 3 years for a car that will be outdated by the time it comes out with no tax advantage? REEEEEEFUUUUND

What are your thoughts?