Henrik Fisker’s Confident Revelation: The Fisker Ocean’s Impressive 356-Mile Range

Henrik Fisker shares photo on social media, displaying the ‘Charge’ screen of his recently delivered Fisker Ocean in Los Angeles, CA, showing 356 miles range.

Henrik Fisker's fully charged Fisker Ocean with a battery range of 356 miles.
Henrik’s Fisker Ocean in Los Angeles, CA showcases a range of 356 miles.

Today, Henrik Fisker delightedly shared a photo of the 17.1″ display in his newly delivered all-electric SUV. The photo displayed one of Henrik’s favorite software features, the mini-map, with the search box reading “Where to?” Henrik playfully typed in Juneau, Alaska, in the search box of the mini-map, subtly hinting at Fisker’s upcoming vehicle project following the Fisker PEAR. However, there was another significant detail worth mentioning, which is the primary reason for writing this article.

In his caption, Henrik, known for his playful nature, admitted that while there are many things he doesn’t know at the moment, he was confident about one thing—the range of the Fisker Ocean. He stated, “I don’t know if people will like our car when they get it, I don’t know what the stock price will be tomorrow or the end of the year, I don’t know if we will have a car without any bugs, (nobody have that) when we start volume deliveries in June, I don’t know the exact date we get final EPA approval! But, do know the range showed, when I went out in my Ocean this morning (the one I just got here in LA this Friday).”

The ‘Charge’ screen displayed a current range of 356 miles. The last charge shows less than 1 minute ago with 356 miles added among other items. Notably, the ‘Battery Saver’ feature mentioned below advocated limiting charging to 80% for daily trips to extend the battery’s lifespan. Henrik’s intention was evidently to showcase that the Fisker Ocean One/Extreme could achieve a range of 356 miles on a full charge. This detail holds particular significance as Henrik and the entire Fisker team are awaiting EPA range approval.

356-Mile Range Is a Big Deal

It is evident that Henrik Fisker feels confident about the Fisker Ocean One/Extreme, equipped with a 113 kWh battery and 107 kWh usable capacity, attaining a range of 356 miles. (He subtly hinted at it without directly stating it, which is quite impressive!) The public’s expectations for the Fisker Ocean Extreme, with 20″ wheels, were anticipating a range of up to 350 miles. If the achieved range indeed surpasses these expectations, it would undoubtedly be a remarkable achievement.

Fisker Ocean Sports

All-electric Fisker Ocean Sport SUVs with BigSky roof.

Henrik previously shared a photo earlier in the day, showcasing two Fisker Ocean Sports positioned side-by-side. We had previously seen a variation of this photo before the first-ever delivery. However, someone took the photo of the Fisker Oceans from the front.

The Fisker Ocean positioned in front boasts a Night Drive exterior with 22″ F5 AirGlider wheels, while the one positioned at the back features a Great White exterior with 22″ F3 SlipStream wheels. The Fisker Ocean Sport features a stunning panoramic BigSky roof made of glass. Henrik added the caption, “A very big ‘one piece’ glass roof on the Ocean Sport!!” He emphasized that the glass roof surpasses the strength of a metal roof.

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7 thoughts on “Henrik Fisker’s Confident Revelation: The Fisker Ocean’s Impressive 356-Mile Range

  1. There’s got to be an error somewhere in the photo. To add 356 miles in this charging session and only take 37 kWh, is not possible. That would indicate a 0-100% charge, which would be at least 107*1.05%= 112 kWh.

  2. I’m assuming that the trip computer doesn’t know what to display for a pre-charged battery from the Factory? More bizarre to me is that this vehicle, that was just delivered to Henrik in Los Angeles, is now in Juneau Alaska according to the GPS.

  3. Ok it’s the page showing only the performed charging.
    So another page probably show the total available drive range.

  4. There must have lots of bugs so that the software says “last charge, 356 mi added, less than 1 min of charge, 37kwh). There is no way 1 min of charge would add 356 mi. Or the displayed info is staged.

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