Henrik Fisker: ‘This is a wake-up call’ to Revamp Our Electric Grid on Fox Business Interview

Henrik Fisker on Fox Business

Henrik appears on Fox Business to talk about Fisker Ocean demand, revamping the electric grid, and using a common standard to charge EVs.

Today, Henrik Fisker appeared on Fox Business News with host Neil Cavuto. The two kicked off the interview this morning by talking about Fisker Ocean demand. The company has over 58,000 reservations for the Fisker Ocean. Henrik provided viewers an update on the Fisker Ocean. He stated Fisker Ocean Sport and Ultra are completely sold out for all of 2023.

Then, the host asked Henrik about the Federal EV tax credit and whether or not the Fisker Ocean would qualify. Henrik said customers who pre-ordered the Fisker Ocean will get the Federal EV tax credit. Henrik attributed this as one of the reasons why the company is sold out of the Fisker Ocean Sport and Ultra for 2023. The two discussed expanding Fisker Ocean production here in the United States after Henrik met with the Magna CEO for breakfast to talk about US production.

Next, the host asked about the electric grid in California being compromised. He said the state of California is asking electric vehicle owners to cool it on charging. Henrik gave his opinion on the situation saying, “This is a wake-up call” for the United States. Henrik said we need to completely revamp our electric grid. He went on to say we need to do it anyway and now is a good time to get started. Lastly, the two touched on using a common standard for charging electric vehicles here in America.

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1 thought on “Henrik Fisker: ‘This is a wake-up call’ to Revamp Our Electric Grid on Fox Business Interview

  1. At first I thought they were sold out of the u.s allotment of ultras and sports during the tax credit fiasco , is fisker now saying all allotments worldwide are sold out? If so then this really sucks and is unfair for the early reservation holders [pre 40,000] outside of the u.s who never got the chance to covert to an order. I fear when they open up orders in nov and Jan for the rest of the markets, it will be for 2024 delivery . I’m having a hard time keeping hopes up that I’ll still get an ultra in Canada before end of 2023 being a Feb 2022 holder

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