Henrik Fisker, “The machine is accelerating!”

Fisker announces next phase of Ocean One deliveries to start in June in both US and Europe as the company begins ramping up production to meet customer demand for the all-electric Fisker Ocean SUV.

Today, Fisker announced it has entered the next phase of production for the Fisker Ocean. The company is now ramping up production to meet the rising customer demand for its electric vehicle. Fisker is gradually increasing production while collaborating with supply chain partners to ensure they meet the brand’s expectations for both volume and quality. Fisker shared a photo showing several Fisker Ocean Ones on the manufacturing line. They were painted in what appears to be Big Sur Blue, Night Drive, and Mariana.

“Consistent with our brand’s commitment, we are going to give extra attention to detail on each vehicle ensuring a great customer experience, since these are built for our first volume deliveries and marketing purposes such as test drives. I am excited about our next customers’ deliveries coming up, and we will inform our first customers shortly on timing as we are finalizing the schedule now.”

Henrik Fisker, Chairman & CEO, Fisker Inc.
Fisker Ocean Production at Magna Steyr
Fisker Ocean production underway at Magna Steyr.

As a result, Fisker will start Ocean One deliveries in June across the United States and Europe. The first Fisker Ocean Ones intended for customer deliveries and marketing in the United States are included in the units scheduled for production in May, with an anticipated arrival date of June.

Henrik was excited about the news. He took to social media to share new footage of the production line accelerating at Magna Steyr. He said, “The manufacturing machine is accelerating today! I filmed this morning….” It wasn’t long ago that the ‘machine’ was running. This is an exciting development for many Fisker Ocean customers.

Fisker’s Latest Production Guidance

Fisker announced last week that it anticipates a gradual increase in production throughout May, with plans to manufacture 1,400-1,700 vehicles by the end of June, subject to the delivery of required parts from partners. The ability to produce high-quality vehicles depends on the timely delivery of top-notch components from suppliers. In support of its 2023 volume forecast of 32,000-36,000 vehicles, the company intends to further boost production in Q3 2023 to assist with the delivery roll-out in its remaining global launch markets.

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  1. Great! We need many Oceans driving in our neighbourhoods, showing young people that it is reasonable and fun to use sustainable vehicles in Megacities, at home and on our trips to the favourite personal adventure in the reach of the lonjg distance battery!

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