Henrik Fisker Provides Update on Ocean One and Other Trim Levels

Fisker Ocean One

Henrik provided an update on pre-ordering Fisker Ocean One and gave us some new details about Extreme, Ultra, and Sport.

Fisker Ocean Extreme at Los Angeles Auto Show.

Today, Henrik provided an update on Fisker Ocean One, Extreme, Ultra, and Sport. He personally confirmed the email invites were sent to pre-order Fisker Ocean One. He said this would happen over the weekend. His company delivered.

An appreciative Fisker said, “Invites for limited edition Fisker Ocean ONE [have] gone out, where you can be part of the first 5,000 exclusive Oceans. Thanks for all the orders coming in ?.”

Henrik then went on to talk about the $5,000 deposit to pre-order Fisker Ocean One. Over the weekend, Henrik addressed the $5,000 non-refundable deposit, but felt the need to clarify. He stated, “The $5k down, means you have a firm order, where we can plan the build with your color & trim choice. Your Ocean ONE will come with a specific number assigned & over $5K of included options.”

Then, Henrik touched on two segments of reservation holders. Firstly, early reservation holders that can’t afford a $5,000 deposit. Secondly, those that may have recently reserved a Fisker Ocean. He said, “If you can’t afford the Ocean ONE or reserved later, you can keep your place on the reservation list and wait for the other versions coming later next year.” The company mentioned this in the body of the email sent to each reservation holder invited to pre-order the launch edition.

Probably the most important update was the reaffirmation about the other Fisker Ocean trims. Henrik said, “Extreme will start production first along side ONE, the Ultra & Sport will start production end of Q3 next year.” This is good news for all. Starting with reservation holders interested in the Ocean Extreme. Yes, Ocean Extreme and Ocean One will be produced at the same time. And, end of Q3 2023 is the timeframe when we can expect Ocean Ultra and Ocean Sport to be produced.

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5 thoughts on “Henrik Fisker Provides Update on Ocean One and Other Trim Levels

  1. One would think that you would want to get the base model out on the road for people to see before you start producing the expensive models.

  2. With any new business, cash flow and revenue are critical. The margin on higher trim models are a key part to enhancing profitable cash flow for the business. This is the model that Tesla has taken, Lucid is taking, and it is unsurprising that Fisker is taking.

  3. I’m still a bit confused about the ordering process, I don’t want a One I want an Extreme so do I just ignore the emails asking me to order a One and wait for an email asking for a deposit on an Extreme?

What are your thoughts?