Get to Know Fisker HyperSound Audio System

Fisker Ocean

The Ocean One and Extreme will have one of the best Sound Systems on the market when Fisker HyperSound is released later this year.

Fisker HyperSound Audio System
Fisker HyperSound Audio System.

Henrik Fisker recently told us he thinks HyperSound will be one of the best OEM audio systems on the market. He went on to say, “When you hear the HyperSound audio system in the Fisker Ocean One, there will be no need for a discussion.”

Audiophiles and those enthusiastic about high-fidelity sound are in for some epic sound waves. Music lovers of all kinds, even those that listen to podcasts, will enjoy the sound quality of Fisker HyperSound.

Feeling the bass

Fisker HyperSound packs some punch with a complete immersive sound system in the Fisker Ocean One and Extreme. The Fisker Ocean One and Extreme are packed with 16 speakers. This includes a 6 channel dashboard speaker array and a 20.5L subwoofer. Fisker says it is one of the largest dashboard speaker arrays of its kind. All of this will be controlled by the 17.1″ touchscreen.

Maybe one of the most important parts of the audio system is the 500 watt amp. It will power the epic sound system to make sure you will indeed feel the bass. It will also help squeeze out the midrange and treble sound whether you’re looking to jam to music or listen to your favorite podcast. You may even get a chance to seamlessly connect your iTunes Music or Google Play Music account with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Fisker has an in-house sound team that has been working on this audio system project. Also, the company has not forgotten about the sound system on the Ocean Ultra or Sport either. Ocean Ultra comes with a Harman 12 speaker entertainment audio system, which Fisker calls Premium Sound Plus. Ocean Sport comes with Premium Sound, a Harman 7 speaker audio system with 3-band equalizer.

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  1. I can’t wait to pull up at a traffic light next to some tuned honda civic cranking EDM and letting loose with 500W of Soundgarden or Alice In Chains 🙂

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