Fisker Will Offer You a Trade-In Option

Fisker Ocean

Fisker plans to make the used car trade-in experience extremely smooth by partnering with industry veteran.

Fisker Ocean Trade-In

It appears Fisker has been working on the trade-in process for quite some time. Fisker partnered with Cox Automotive in December 2020. At the time, it appeared as if the partnership between the two companies was exclusively for the United Kingdom. However, we’ve learned that the partnership has grown.

This partnership for the United States is very similar to what the two companies have done in the United Kingdom. Cox Automotive is the world’s largest automotive service organization. They own 22 automotive brands including the well-known consumer brands Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book.

Fisker and Cox Automotive, through its subsidiaries Pivet, Manheim, and Dealertrack, put together an MOU (memorandum of understanding) for the United States toward the end of last year. We’ve speculated for some time about possible strategic partnerships for Fisker. Nothing much easier than expanding an existing partnership.

Working closer with Cox Automotive

Wide body Fisker Ocean

It appears Fisker is working closely with Cox Automotive to offer trade-ins, servicing, and credit app ordering among other things here in the United States. All of this is supported by Cox Automotive’s footprint of physical locations and developer platform from its network of businesses. They provide the backbone for Fisker to create a hassle-free digital experience within its apps.

As we know, Fisker is in the process of developing their digital user experience. Much of Fisker’s mobile app will be powered by Cox Automotive. Cox’s developer platform will be the backbone of Fisker’s apps. For example, Fisker’s apps will allow reservation holders and owners to facilitate the used car trade-in process and schedule service calls. It will also offer credit checks and financing for a Fisker Ocean.

Cox Automotive will allow Fisker to build its branded concierge service. We know Fisker will use Cox businesses for service, maintenance, and logistics support. However, there are still a lot of questions reservations holders have about this process. Maybe Fisker will share more details to help calm anxious reservation holders.

Fisker trade-in option

We also noticed that Fisker recently updated is Frequently Asked Questions on its site. The FAQ mentions who has their Fisker Ocean pricing locked in. (Spoiler Alert: The first 40,000 reservation holders). Buried at the very bottom of the FAQ is some new info about trade-in options.

Will you offer a trade-in option?
Yes, we will allow trade-ins to be applied to your purchase price. We are planning a smooth and worry free trade-in process that can be initiated directly through our Fisker Flexee App and via our website. You will be able to submit your trade-in information for valuation and apply the trade-in value directly to your purchase price.

Believe it or not, Kelley Blue Book and Autotrader offer instant cash offers for used cars. All customers need to do is provide information about their vehicle and receive an offer valid for three days redeemable at participating dealerships. Dealers can retail the trade-in or simply liquidate the vehicle back at their local Manheim Auction. This is how the Fisker used car trade-in process will be supported.

Prepare for Pre-Ordering

Fisker Ocean Extreme in Solar Orange

Last week, we talked about pre-ordering your Fisker Ocean One. Fisker said it would be contacting early reservation holders to “prepare” for pre-ordering their Ocean One.

We’ve learned that the company has been emailing a survey to reservation holders about trading-in their used car. We received a copy of the 12-question survey and posted it below.

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10 thoughts on “Fisker Will Offer You a Trade-In Option

  1. Do you have an article about Fisker contacting early reservation holders I hold a reservation from 29 November 2019 I’m within the first 200 reservation holders I have received no communication from Fisker whatsoever about the option of trading a car in.

    1. Hey Roy, Congrats on the early reservation. You’ll be fine, sit back and relax. Yes, we wrote this article about pre-ordering your Fisker Ocean. You should hear from the company by the end of the Monday (Tuesday of this week). Some people have heard from them, others have not. We also touched on that a little bit yesterday in this article about trade-ins and a survey Fisker sent about it. Hope these are helpful to you.

      1. We’d love to have another member of the Fisker community. You can reserve a Fisker Ocean or PEAR to get your place in line. Here is a link to the reserve page. Let us know if you have any questions.

    2. Hi Roy, the answer is yes, and congrats on being one of the first reservation holders! The survey was sent to a sampling of reservation holders to collect info to develop the service. Not everyone received one, such as yourself. You can read our article about pre-ordering your Fisker Ocean One. You may also be interested in Fiskerati Forums to connect with other members of the Fisker community while you wait for your Ocean.

  2. One thing that stinks reserving now are only the lousy colors are left. If the orange was available, I’d undoubtedly reserve ASAP. I checked 6 months ago and it was already gone then. What gives?

  3. I didn’t have the option to select a paint color when I reserved in mid 2021. I’m about 16,000 in the queue. Is there an option to do that after the fact?

    1. Don’t sweat it, Paul! That configurator you used on Fisker’s site was for informational purposes. The company plans to roll out an updated configurator this summer. Then you’ll be able to get a more in-depth look at all configurable options, from trim, paint, and wheels, to whatever options and feature upgrades the company may offer. For the time being, you can check our post about paint options, availability, and price to get our take. Also, you may be interested in checking out Fiskerati Forums for more info and to discuss various topics with the Fisker community.

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