Fisker to Unveil Display User Interface in October

Fisker Ocean Software User Interface on 17.1" Display

Henrik Fisker will unveil Display UI in October as many wonder if it will support Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and SiriusXM.

Fisker Ocean in Los Angeles
The Fisker Ocean was honored today to be at the 2022 Sally Awards.

Today, Henrik said he will show off the finished UI for the Fisker Ocean in October. Everyone has been waiting for more details on the user interface (UI) and what features it will support. This is the software that owners will use to interact with their Fisker Ocean on the 17.1″ display.

EV car makers like Fisker have a big software challenge. They need to pack in all the tools necessary to control the EV, without making the UI overly complex. That’s really the challenge for any software designer.

This is one of the unanswered questions Fisker reservation holders have. They want to know whether or not the UX will support Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and SiriusXM radio. Plain and simple. If these features aren’t supported, some reservation holders will not move forward with their Fisker Ocean purchase. For instance, we’ve seen anecdotal evidence that suggests this to be true.

Worry-Free Guarantee

The company begins Fisker Ocean One pre-orders on July 1st. That’s when the first emails will start to trickle out to early reservation holders to pre-order the $68,999 electric vehicle. Most early reservation holders will need to make a commitment before seeing the UI or getting a test drive. Let’s all hope Fisker offers a generous cancellation policy after pre-ordering. That would put early reservation holders at ease. For example, some sort of a worry-free guarantee if they’re not happy with what they see or hear.

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5 thoughts on “Fisker to Unveil Display User Interface in October

  1. At that price point, I’m expecting it to support Apple car play. Not supporting would raise question marks.

    Trusting that Henrik will not do something that is considering damaging to the brand and upcoming rollout.

  2. OCTOBER IS WAY TOO LATE. Put Android Auto and Apple CarPlay in it and call it a day. Why reinvent the wheel? NOBODY wants a proprietary and potentially buggy UI when Android and Apple are available. Isn’t that the idea around asset light?

    This also means independent reviews won’t happen until a few weeks before SOP. Good luck converting reservations to sales before all these details are available.

    1. Yeah, October is late. You are spot on about independent reviews. That was later confirmed for late October, early November. Article coming soon.

  3. Hello,

    May I ask where did you find this information about the reveal of UI, as well as the analyst test drive delays to October?

    I have listened in on all conference calls and shareholder meetings, it didnt seem like the company had any plans to delay the UI and analyst test drives.

    Do you have a close connection with the company insiders and have additional information we don’t have? I am simply curious about how trustworthy these articles and claims are.


    1. Hello Benny, Our source for this specific article was public. We linked to it in the first sentence of the article. Some sources are public, others are private. Best of luck to you.

What are your thoughts?