Fisker Reveals New Details About Audio Sound System

Fisker releases new details for Pulse Audio System on Ocean One and Extreme trims as it showcases the electric SUV at Los Angeles event.

Fisker Ocean at 2023 MusicCARES on February 3rd at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Today, we noticed Fisker released new details about the Ocean One and Extreme audio system on its website. Last month, we shared our experience of the Pulse Sound System after hearing it in Graz, Austria at the Magna Steyr factory. At the time, Fisker rebranded the sound system from HyperSound to Pulse Sound. Now, they changed the name again. It’s now referred to as the Fisker Pulse Audio System. We’re also getting a few more details about audio specifications as the company showcased the sound system last night.

Fisker and its flagship electric SUV attended MusiCARES held at the Los Angeles Convention Center yesterday evening. The 2023 MusiCARES “Person of the Year” honored Berry Gordy and Smokie Robinson. At the music event, Fisker showcased the Pulse Sound powered by Panasonic’s ELS Studio 3D. This immersive sound system with 575 watts previously had 16 speakers, a 20.5L subwoofer enclosure, and a 6 speaker dashboard array.

With the website update, Fisker revealed that its audio system is indeed powered by ELS STUDIO 3D. The new Fisker Pulse Audio System still has 575 watts of power and a 6 speaker dashboard array. However, it now only has 15 speakers and a 19L subwoofer enclosure. Basically we lost a speaker and the size of the subwoofer got 1.5L smaller, but we now know who powers the audio system.

Fisker Pulse Audio System – Powered by ELS STUDIO 3D

Below is what Fisker says about the Fisker Pulse Audio System in it’s own words. We’ve highlighted the changes below since the last website update, which was slightly different than the press kit released in November 2022.

Get your electric motor running, head out on the highway, and experience your favorite music on the premium Fisker Pulse Audio System Powered by ELS STUDIO 3D®. With 575 watts of power, 15 speakers, a 19L subwoofer enclosure, and one of the most effective 6 speaker dashboard arrays of its kind, the Fisker Pulse system immerses the driver and passengers in a glorious sea of 360° sound.

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8 thoughts on “Fisker Reveals New Details About Audio Sound System

  1. The woofer is not 1,5L smaller, it is the enclosure that is smaller – nothing to do with the actual x” (inch) size of the woofer.

    You do not measure woofers in liters, only inches/centimeters.

    1. Was thinking the same thing Trond, but haven’t dabbled in woofers, subwoofers, and mids since high school days!

  2. Seems like the press kit and website are now greatly out of sync about this sound system, including about the power rating. Quoting the press kit:

    lmmersive Sound System
    Immersive audio system with 500W power amp, 16 speakers,
    6 channel dashboard speaker array, and 20.5L subwoofer

    Questions remain about whether there was an actual change to what’s being installed, or whether the website revision is just correcting previous info.

  3. Since I was a teenager and installed my own stereo systems, I always put the subwoofers in the back and the big speakers in the back and like to listen to this music from the back so I could have a conversation with my passenger in the front seat. The few times that I would have people in the back seat, then I could certainly have changed the balance of the music. Sounds like Fisker wants to have a front heavy sound system? And then cutting out a speaker and making the Subwoofer smaller. ?Another disappointment. My current car has a 22″ subwoofer…’s a sports car

  4. Just to be a stinker, because you mentioned that the Box is 1.5 l smaller, you realize that’s 91.5 in³ smaller. Therefore, the subwoofer is significantly smaller. Don’t kid yourself…. You don’t make the Box smaller unless the subwoofer is smaller

  5. No problem :-). Just see many people think the 20.5L and 19L is the actuall woofer size, so wanted to clear that out.

    The woofer might be the same (or different), they just changed the enclosure to get the wanted sound :-).

What are your thoughts?