Fisker Reinventing Fleet and Business Solutions with Swappable Batteries

Fisker has teamed up with Ample to provide battery-swappable EVs for fleet and business customers.

Fisker Ocean with Silver Lining exterior at Magna Steyr track in Graz, Austria.
Fisker Ocean with Silver Lining exterior at Magna Steyr track in Graz, Austria.

Today, Fisker has announced a new partnership with Ample, a battery swapping technology provider, to deliver Ample-powered Fisker EVs. This move is a significant part of Fisker’s long-term strategy. It will help Fisker increase the scale and adoption of its electric vehicles in the United States and Europe. The partnership will enable Fisker to support new use cases for fleet customers and broaden the vehicle use case for Fisker’s customers. The companies intend to bring the first Fisker Ocean SUVs to market with swappable batteries by Q1 2024. This will assist fleet operators in transitioning to electric mobility. Fisker and Ample will share revenue related to the battery swapping system.

How Fleet Operators Can Benefit

One of the key benefits of swappable batteries is that it opens up a new range of compelling fleet offerings for businesses. For example, it opens the door for police, taxis, and food delivery companies that offer delivery. EV batteries can be swapped by fleet operators instead of waiting for charging. Henrik Fisker had previously met with the Chief of Police in Manhattan Beach, CA in early 2021. They discussed the development of the perfect police cruiser with new tech (pictured above).

The partnership with Ample will enable Fisker to deliver innovative battery-swapping systems. It will bring a new level of affordability to the Fisker Ocean. Fisker intends to potentially use the innovative battery technology in other vehicles it plans to bring to the market in the future. For example, the Fisker PEAR, which supports a lot of interesting use cases.

“Our partnership with Ample will enable us to broaden the vehicle use case for our customers. We’re thrilled to offer Ample’s innovative battery-swapping system, which will bring a new level of affordability to the Fisker Ocean and potentially to the other vehicles we intend to bring to market in the future.”

Henrik Fisker, Chairman & CEO, Fisker Inc.

Fisker Committed to Fleet and Business Solutions

Fisker is committed to providing state-of-the-art technology to meet business and fleet needs through fully electric, zero-emission vehicles. The company develops its vehicles utilizing groundbreaking technology that facilitates seamless connectivity between a business and its fleet. This partnership with Ample will assist Fisker in making the Fisker Ocean available to a wider segment of business customers. It will help Fisker with its goal to bring more electric vehicles on the road. The initial target customer for Fisker’s Ample-powered EVs will be fleet operators who are looking to transition to electric mobility without economic or operational compromises.

Battery swapping offers drivers energy delivered as quickly as gasoline and at a lower per-mile cost. Speed and cost are key for companies looking to transition to electric. In particular, for high mileage drivers, such as those in the ride-hailing industry. The joint development between Ample and Fisker is already underway. They plan to provide battery swappable Fisker Ocean vehicles by Q1 2024. With this announcement, companies with a fleet of vehicles can now look forward to a combination of award-winning design and affordability in the Fisker Ocean, powered by the latest battery technology, without worrying about range or charging anxiety.

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1 thought on “Fisker Reinventing Fleet and Business Solutions with Swappable Batteries

  1. I’m all for innovation but in my view this isn’t some historic reinvention…yet! Battery swapping as an alternative to charging has been around for a while and especially in China including the commercial sector. As the author alludes to and every other outlet has noted, the economics have traditionally stunk bc the cost of storing expensive batteries for the distributor has been way too high.

    Standardization and lower overall production costs may increase the viability but basically it’s a race between increasing charging access/speed vs decreasing battery inventory costs for the commercial sector. It’s a trade proven manufacturers have opted not to make despite “ample” puffery from some providers.

    In my view, this article or at least its source material approaches cartoonish optimism here. To me, it’s hard to see how Fisker could get to any scale needed to make this model and partnership viable in the medium term. One could even argue Fisker would better support its environmental goals by investing more into the existing global charging infrastructure fleet support, although personally I’m supportive all such innovations. Regardless this seems like a a shiny object for Wall Street more than any real development, let alone an ecosystem reinvention.

What are your thoughts?