Fisker Ocean’s Digital Interior Rear View Mirror

The digital interior rear view mirror is an innovative feature that comes standard on all trims of the Fisker Ocean.

Today, we are going check out what will likely replace the rear windshield wiper on your Fisker Ocean. Yes, we are talking about the wide-angle HD camera on the rear of the electric SUV. Fisker gave us a sneak peak this week of the digital interior rear view mirror. This was the first time we saw it in action and talked about it this week during All-Things Fisker.

Fisker Ocean Digital Rear View Mirror Wide Angle HD Camera
Fisker Ocean wide-angle HD camera.

The digital interior rear view mirror comes standard on all trims of the Fisker Ocean. According to Fisker, it works like a traditional rear view mirror. It reflects what’s behind you. When you flip a switch, it enables a digital display from the wide-angle HD camera tucked under the rear spoiler.

The rear spoiler protects the wide-angle HD camera from the elements. That means if it is raining, the digital camera will provide visibility needed to safely drive your vehicle. This digital rear view mirror and HD camera are designed to provide a wider field of vision than a standard mirror.

The innovative feature provides a completely unobstructed rear view. It doesn’t matter if the rear window is dirty or the rear cargo area is completely packed and blocking your sight. You will still be able to see behind the vehicle while driving forward or backing up. Fisker says it provides better clarity during night driving and eliminates headlights behind you reflecting into your eyes.

This feature will give your electric SUV a sleeker design. According to Fisker, “This little lens will make rear wipers a thing of the past.” It appears this digital interior rear view mirror and wide-angle HD camera completely replace a rear windshield wiper on the Fisker Ocean. We’ve never used a digital interior rear view mirror before and are excited to give it a go. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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8 thoughts on “Fisker Ocean’s Digital Interior Rear View Mirror

  1. The Ionic 5 has a similar digital mirror configuration. Judging from the reviews, many find it necessary to frequently clean the rear camera because of road grime. As a result, this feature is often the subject of complaints from actual owners.

    Not everyone lives in Southern California.

    1. . I don’t see how this is an innovation as it’s essentially a backup camera that’s on all the time.
      The “not all of us live in Southern California” sentiment resonates deeply with me as I live in canada. And my backup camera is constantly covered with road spray in the winter time. Requires frequent cleanings. Anyone under the “it’ll stay clean because it’s under the rear spoiler” misconception lives in an area where there is no snow and they do not salt or sand the roads.

      What would be an innovation here or at least a great enhancement would be a small jet nozzle that rinses the camera at the Press of a button

      1. Not only is the camera positioned under the rear spoiler it’s also at the top of the vehicle as opposed to near the licenses plate. It should stay cleaner than most. With frequent car washes wouldn’t that solve any issues?

      2. Couldn’t agree more. I live in Montreal and the winter grime requires frequent cleaning of the back up camera. The grime also goes up the entire back of the car; it’s not like just the bottom half of the car is dirty. I like the idea of a nozzle jet, but really a wiper would do. No wiper though because then window won’t go down.

      3. This is not a backup camera.
        it is a rear view mirror camera, and they are mounted high up at the rear. shoud not be mounted lower than the mirror inside.
        Where i live, it will not stay clean anyway, in the winter. (or at the rest of the year either)

  2. I live on a gravel road, this will not work for me. The back of my vehicle is always covered in a thick layer of dust. My VW ID4 has a washer that cleans the back up camera every time the rear window washer is turned on. This helps.

What are your thoughts?