Fisker Ocean: Your Everyday Electric Vehicle

Fisker Ocean Every Day Electric Vehicle McDonald's

The Fisker Ocean is the everyday electric vehicle for everything you need to do around town.

Fisker advertises its vehicle using inspirational imagery straight out of Pinterest. We’ve seen photos of the Fisker Ocean with models cruising down the California coast, posing on the roof in the middle of the desert at Burning Man (joking), or hugging on a bluff while overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Now, it’s not a bad thing. This type of advertising works and makes the Fisker Ocean look pretty cool. It’s trendy and exactly what other carmakers do. However, Fisker is not trying to be anything like other electric vehicle or legacy carmakers. That’s why the T-Mobile, the “Un-Carrier,” selected it in a recent TV commercial.

Breaking the Traditional Mould

Let’s be honest with one another. Maybe Fisker should try marketing the Fisker Ocean EV doing the exact opposite of other carmakers? If Fisker wants to break the traditional mould, maybe it should think a little different. That’s exactly what the company has done with the Fisker Ocean design and its sustainability efforts. This type of advertising is not very relatable to most consumers looking to purchase their next vehicle. The Fisker Ocean has been marketed for anything but what you will likely use it for in your everyday life.

How You’ll Actually Use Your Fisker Ocean

When you get your Fisker Ocean you’re going to be super excited. You’re going to drive your Fisker EV everywhere around town. You may even take it on a trip to see how far you can get using an EV charging network. However, one thing is for certain, it will be your everyday electric vehicle. You will use it drop off the kids at school, drive it to work, or run errands around town. Whether you take it to go grocery shopping at Ralph’s, grab a bite to eat at McDonald’s, or get supplies for your next DIY project at The Home Depot, one thing is for sure. These are the relatable things you’ll actually do with your Fisker Ocean. The Fisker Ocean is your everyday electric vehicle for you to get the job done.

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