Fisker Ocean Vegan Interior Close Up with Color Options

Fisker Ocean Interior Sea Salt Front Center

Getting up close and personal with the sustainable Fisker Ocean vegan interior.

Today, we are going to take a look at the Fisker Ocean interior. The Fisker Ocean SUV is a spacious five-passenger electric vehicle. Its interior is fully sustainable and vegan. Fisker has used up-cycled materials in the Fisker Ocean interior. The interior uses reclaimed fishing nets, old t-shirts, and renewed rubber. Simply put, the interior of the Fisker Ocean is eco-friendly. Its as beautiful as the body design and comes in several color options.

Color options for Fisker Ocean models

Fisker has three interior color options. Currently, Black Abyss comes standard on the Fisker Ocean Extreme, Ultra, and Sport. Sea Salt is optional on Fisker Ocean Ultra and Extreme. Currently, MaliBlu is only offered on the Fisker Ocean One as a standard option. The company also offers the interior in two types of materials. Each of the colors is named after something “Ocean” related. Sea Salt interior is probably our favorite color option among the three choices. However, Black Abyss will remain the cleanest.

Fisker Ocean TrimStandardOptions
SportBlack Abyss (EcoFabric)Black Abyss (EcoLeather)
UltraBlack Abyss (EcoFabric)Black Abyss Plus (EcoLeather); Sea Salt (EcoSuede/EcoLeather)
ExtremeBlack Abyss PlusSea Salt (EcoSuede/EcoLeather), MaliBlu (EcoSuede/EcoLeather)
OneMaliBlu (EcoSuede/EcoLeather)Available options at no additional cost: Black Abyss (EcoLeather); Sea Salt (EcoSuede/EcoLeather)
Interior options available on each Fisker Ocean trim.

Let’s have a close up look of the interior

Photos below show the Fisker Ocean with Sea Salt interior. The interior is minimalistic, clutter-free, and feels warm with its texture. This interior has a bright metallic accent that you can see on the dashboard, door handles, and center console. You can play around with the Fisker Ocean configurator to see any interior color option with your favorite exterior paint color.

Fisker Ocean Sea Salt Interior
View of driver side interior
Fisker Ocean Driver Seat
View of driver seat
View of center console
Fisker Ocean Center Console
Side-view of center console
Fisker Ocean Sun Visor
View of interior ceiling
Fisker Ocean Rear Seats
View of rear seats
Fisker Ocean Interior Sea Salt
Side-view of entire interior

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