Fisker Ocean to Become Best Selling and Most Desirable Electric SUV

Down to the numbers, here’s why Fisker Ocean is set to become the best selling and most desirable electric SUV.

Fisker Ocean, Silver Lining, with 22" F3 SlipStream Wheels

Fisker offers three trims, the Ocean Extreme, Ultra, and Sport. The Ocean has a price range of $37,499 to $69,999 and a range of 250 to 350 miles.

Take a look at Fisker Ocean’s competition. According to data from TrueCar, here is a list of their 16 “Best Electric SUVs” for 2022.

It includes everything from the Tesla Model Y and Ford Mach-E to the Chevrolet Bolt EUV and Toyota bZ4X. Fisker Ocean is set to leave the competition in the dust.

Price / Range Comparison

Here’s how Fisker Ocean trim models stack up. Out of the 16 “Best Electric SUVs” for 2022 listed, the Fisker Ocean has a clear advantage over 87.5% of them. This does not bring the aesthetic design and other features of the Fisker Ocean into the equation. Only the Chevy Bolt and Hyundai KONA Electric beat the Ocean in terms of cost and range. However, you be the judge of their design. Overall, based on the pure range and cost of the three different trim models, the Fisker Ocean has a clear advantage.

By the numbers…

#CompetitorMSRPRangevs.Fisker Ocean TrimMSRPRange
1Tesla Model Y$64,190330 mi.vs.Ultra$49,999340 Miles
2Hyundai IONIQ 5$45,295220 mi.vs.Sport$37,499250 mi.
3KIA EV6$42,155232 mi.vs.Sport$37,499250 mi.
4Volvo C40 Recharge$59,845226 mi.vs.Ultra$49,999340 mi.
5VW ID.4 Pro AWD*$49,150249 mi.vs.Sport$37,499250 mi.
6Audi e-tron S$85,995208 mi.vs.Extreme$69,999350 mi.
7Volvo XC40 Recharge$52,795223 mi.vs.Sport$37,499250 mi.
8Ford Mustang Mach-E$44,995224 mi.vs.Sport$37,499250 mi.
9Chevrolet Bolt EUV$34,295247 mi.vs.Sport$37,499250 mi.
10Hyundai KONA Electric$35,295258 mi.vs.Sport$37,499250 mi.
11Tesla Model X$116,190332 mi.vs.Extreme$69,999350 mi.
12BMW iX$84,195324 mi.vs.Extreme$69,999350 mi.
13Jaguar I-PACE$71,050234 mi.vs.Extreme$69,999350 mi.
14Mazda MX-30 EV$34,695100 mi.vs.Sport$37,499250 mi.
15Kia Niro EV$40,345239 mi.vs.Sport$37,499250 mi.
16Toyota bZ4X$43,215222 mi.vs.Sport$37,499250 mi.
This guest blog post is written by Connor S. He is an economics and environmental studies double major at the University of Connecticut, is a Fisker Ocean reservation holder, and holds a long position in Fisker shares.

*Volkswagen ID.4 is the only 2021 model in TrueCar’s Best of 2022 SUVs.

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11 thoughts on “Fisker Ocean to Become Best Selling and Most Desirable Electric SUV

  1. Until I can actually order and take delivery of one, it’s vaporware. So far they haven’t delivered a single one and they may never do so. Karma anyone?

  2. I’m gonna patiently wait for this car. It all sounds good so far. This is the first electric vehicle with a solar roof even Tesla couldn’t pull it off. Glad to note its exceeding Model Ys range. Hope it has Android auto, V2L feature and so on and so forth. Eagerly look forward to test drive first before placing an order.

      1. I have a reservation but I will DEFINITELY NOT order it before I can do a test drive.
        One thing would be ok though: if I order, get it and NOT like the way it goes, can I give it BACK?

    1. Pre-ordering is different than reserving. Reserving a Fisker Ocean comes first. Then, when Fisker contacts you to pre-order you can do that next. You can reserve your Fisker Ocean with a $250 deposit. That will get you in the reservation line. As of right now Fisker is close to 50,000 reservations.

  3. WOW I think the Fisker Ocean is a (wonderful price) vehicle with options.


    I travel from Mississippi to Illinois, the range is just not adequate would stress me out, that alone would keep me from purchasing one.

    NEEDS TO BE AT LEAST 600 MILES. Come on my brilliant Minded Engineers lets get her done!

  4. Beyond the specs these other cars look horrible compared to the ocean. The hand sculpting 3-d scan and printing with clay is really visible here. Cars need a design process based on physicality.

What are your thoughts?