Fisker Ocean: Testing Complete and Production Dates Confirmed

Fisker successfully concludes testing for the Fisker Ocean and awaits EPA approvals, while also providing an update on its Q1 2023 production goals and confirming production dates for customers in the US and Europe.

Fisker Center+ opening next week in Vienna, Austria.

Today, Fisker has announced that it successfully completed testing for the Fisker Ocean and provides an update on production for US and European customers. Firstly, the company says the electric SUV met all relevant US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. Fisker completed self-certification requirements from NHTSA and NCAP for agencies to pursue a 5-star rating crash rating. Secondly, Fisker confirmed testing was conducted by an internationally recognized agency.

“Fisker engineered the structure of the Fisker Ocean to achieve a five-star crash rating according to the NCAP. An official five-star rating will now be possible should NHTSA select a Fisker Ocean for testing.”

Henrik Fisker, Chairman & CEO, Fisker Inc.

Furthermore, Fisker is seeking certifications from EPA and CARB for Fisker Ocean Extreme range. The company submitted a detailed vehicle description and range test data to EPA. Range test data was recorded at an independent third-party test laboratory, as per Fisker’s update. CARB certification is also being pursued for California and 17 other jurisdictions in the US.

Fisker anticipates EPA confirmation of the 350-mile range for Fisker Ocean Extreme. However, Fisker is awaiting a firm certification date from EPA. In the meantime, Fisker is implementing a dual-homologation strategy for Europe and the US like they’ve previously said. This means that European deliveries are planned ahead of North America.

Production Strategy

Fisker Ocean production at Magna Steyr (Graz, Austria).

In Q1 2023, Fisker adjusted its production strategy. This was to avoid holding inventory that could not be delivered in Europe or the US. However, the company says some units were built for internal use to maintain production readiness. Production is scheduled to ramp up on later this month on April 20th. These Fisker Oceans are intended for European delivery.

Fisker Oceans bound for the US will undergo a separate ramp-up process. The company said it has tentatively scheduled to commence production for US customers during the first week of May. Fisker Oceans will be prepared for shipping in advance of obtaining EPA approvals. This would ensure readiness for the US market.

Fisker uses a dual-homologation approach for market demand in Europe and the US. The company is diligently pursues certifications from regulatory agencies. The aim is to ensure compliance with safety and environmental standards. Fisker aims to capitalize on market demand while meeting regulatory requirements.

“This strategy ensures we can maintain a steady production ramp and have a sufficient quantity of vehicles ready for initial deliveries in Europe and the US while avoiding the cost of vehicle storage until approvals arrive. Homologating simultaneously places an extra workload on our teams, but we are utilizing the benefits of an agile organization by opportunistically shifting our plans and delivering vehicles in Europe first. I appreciate the patience of our reservation holders and am excited to get vehicles in the hands of our customers.”

Henrik Fisker, Chairman & CEO, Fisker Inc.

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4 thoughts on “Fisker Ocean: Testing Complete and Production Dates Confirmed

  1. What can Canadian customers expect from Fisker Inc. about the schedule of delivery of orders to Canada?

    1. Well, Canada wasn’t specifically mentioned in the press release today. However, Fisker plans to deliver all Fisker Ocean One orders by September 2023. We will need to wait for a Canada specific update for other trim levels like Extreme, Ultra, and Sport.

  2. Things are awful quiet here for a company that claims eighty thousand people are waiting for their car they are going to start delivering any day now.

    1. Get your facts straight. ~65,000 Fisker Ocean reservations. BTW, not too quiet, you’re responding to an article written from a newly published press release. 😭

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