Fisker Ocean Test Vehicle Appears at Nobu in Malibu

The Fisker Ocean test vehicle made a surprise appearance at Nobu in Malibu yesterday afternoon and we have photos for you.

Fisker Ocean parked yesterday afternoon at Nobu Malibu.

Today, we received photos from one of our readers of the Fisker Ocean test vehicle on display at Nobu Malibu. Henrik took his Fisker Ocean test vehicle over there yesterday for mid-afternoon dining. However, it wasn’t a total surprise appearance at this pop-up location. He said he would be heading to the Japanese Restaurant around 3pm.

The Fisker Ocean test vehicle was parked in front of the restaurant in the valet section beside the Bentleys and Lambos. Maybe Henrik handed the valet his key fob? That way everyone that walked into the restaurant could stop by to take a quick peek. The Blue Planet test vehicle looked sharp over there in Malibu.

As you can see in one of the photos, the test vehicle has the valet slip under the wiper blade. There is also something new that has appeared on the test vehicle. The 22″ F5 AirGlider wheels now have a centerpiece cap with the Fisker logo. It appears to be the grayscale logo, which would be available on the Ocean One. There are also now caps over the lug nuts, which make the wheels stand out. Previously, some features appeared to be missing, but the company confirmed this weekend that’s how the pre-production vehicles are made. It helps keep costs lower for the test vehicles. Nevertheless, it is exciting to see the Fisker Ocean keep popping up all over town.

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3 thoughts on “Fisker Ocean Test Vehicle Appears at Nobu in Malibu

  1. HF needs to bring the Ocean to Times Square in NYC. Park it right in front of the NASDAQ so we can see it on Squawk Box every morning.

    1. Yes please, Bill! I’m happy to take the Fisker Ocean from Ocean to Ocean. Sign me up, I’m ready to go!

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