Fisker Ocean: Solid as a Rock

Fisker Ocean doors sound pretty solid in this video and Henrik confirms the rear tailgate will be power operated.

Today, Henrik posted a photo of the same Fisker Ocean he shared in a video yesterday moving down the assembly line. We finally had a chance to listen to the video Henrik posted yesterday a dozen or so times. If you listen closely to the background audio, you can hear the driver’s side door close on the Fisker Ocean. It effortlessly closes, like in the video above, and is pretty solid. Solid as a rock?

Fisker Ocean prototype with button on tailgate to electronically close the door
Fisker Ocean prototype with button on tailgate to electronically close the door.

Well, we can assure you the door has a smooth range of motion. We were able to play with the Fisker Ocean door in-person. It felt pretty solid. In fact, the entire body of the electric vehicle felt solid. If you’ve been following along you may have seen us play with it.

When we went to Fully Charged Live in San Diego, we got a chance to see the Fisker Ocean in person and up close. Also, we got to see the Fisker team prep the electric SUV before the show opened to the general public. Part of that process was having the Fisker team open up the doors for us (from the inside). The driver’s side door handle on the 1-year old prototype was non-functional. It required opening from the interior.

It feels pretty solid to us

Once the driver’s side door was unlocked and ajar, we got to swing it all the way into the open position. In fact, we rocked the door backwards and forwards. We also got to lean on it too. The door on the prototype felt good, sturdy, and solid. It’s what you would expect from an SUV this size. While we didn’t get to push or slam the door shut, you can hear a thud like sound in the video above. Yesterday, someone mentioned this to Henrik on social media and he replied, “??, glad u noticed ?.”

Rear Tailgate Is Power Operated

Also, Henrik was asked if the rear tailgate is power operated on the Fisker Ocean. He replied, “yes”, confirming it is electronically powered. If you watch the video, you’ll notice the rear tailgate is in the open position. If you look closely, you can see what appears to be a button on the bottom. That is likely the button to press to automatically close the tailgate. It looks similar to what is on the prototypes touring the USA and Europe.

Today, this functionality is very common among vehicles on the market. In fact, Tesla electric vehicles have the close button in the same position on the tailgate. They also give you an option on the display to open and close the trunk while being seated inside the vehicle. That is very convenient, especially if you do a lot of curbside pickup.

If you’ve attended a pop-up location with the Fisker Ocean, let us know what you think about the vehicle. Did you find the doors solid as a rock? What was your impression of the vehicle if/when you pulled on or closed the doors? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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