Fisker Ocean Roof Options: SolarSky, OpenSky, and BigSky

Fisker has designed three beautiful roof options for the Fisker Ocean, one specifically for the Extreme, Ultra, and Sport.

The all-electric Fisker Ocean SUV comes with three roof options, which include SolarSky, OpenSky, and BigSky Roof. Each Fisker Ocean trim comes with its very own roof option. On the Ocean Extreme, you will find the revolutionary SolarSky Roof. The Ocean Ultra comes with the OpenSky Roof. And, the Ocean Sport has the BigSky Roof. Each fully tinted panoramic roof fits the respective price point within the Fisker Ocean lineup. You don’t find too many photos of the Fisker Ocean with the OpenSky or BigSky Roof so we thought we’d share them with you. We’ve also been asked quite a few times to explain each roof option.

SolarSky Roof

We’ve seen the beautiful solar paneled roof in countless Fisker Ocean photos. As of right now, it is only available on the Fisker Ocean One and Extreme priced at $68,999 excluding government tax incentives. However, it could eventually become an optional feature on the Ocean Ultra and Sport.

The Fisker Ocean SolarSky Roof is the most popular roof option. Just this week we heard it was SolarSky Roof installation week at Magna Steyr.

The SolarSky Roof is broken up into two sections on the roof of the Fisker Ocean. The rear glass solar panel is stationary, whereas the front glass solar panel opens into a full-fledged sun roof. The front glass panel retracts and sits on top of the rear glass panel. From the inside, you can see the circuitry of the solar panels. Imagine cruising around with all of the windows open, including the SolarSky Roof, with California Mode on your Ocean Extreme.

Fisker will be the first car company to put a full length solar roof onto a production car. The Fisker SolarSky roof will supply between 1,500 to 2,000 miles of range per year for commuter drivers.

OpenSky Roof

The Fisker Ocean Ultra, priced at $49,999, comes with an OpenSky Roof that covers the entire roof with tinted glass. This roof option opens like a traditional sun roof but much bigger.

The OpenSky Roof is broken up into two sections on the roof of the Fisker Ocean. Like the SolarSky Roof, the rear glass panel is stationary, whereas the front glass panel opens into a full-fledged sun roof and sits on top of the rear panel when retracted.

Even without the solar panel, the OpenSky Roof is a pretty nice feature covering the entire roof area. It’s another reason why the Fisker Ocean Ultra is the best value in our opinion.

BigSky Roof

Last, but not least, the Fisker Ocean Sport. It comes with the simplest roof option called the BigSky Roof.

That is because it is the most economically priced trim in the Fisker Ocean lineup. This electric vehicle is priced at $37,499.

Unlike both the SolarSky and OpenSky Roof, the BigSky Roof is a solid glass panel. It spans from edge to edge of the roof area.

While the roof doesn’t have a solar panel or retract in this model, it still offers a beautifully fully panoramic view from inside the cabin. You may even want an interior sunshade for your glass roof if Fisker offers these must-have accessories.

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