Fisker Ocean Rear Folding Seats, Paint Protection Film, & Car Alarm

Fisker Ocean Test Vehicle

We spotted three things about the Fisker Ocean you may have missed including details on rear folding seats, paint protection film, and car alarm.

Today, we’re going to point out a few new things we noticed about the Fisker Ocean. We want to shed some light on Fisker Ocean rear folding seats, paint protection film, and car alarm. In particular, we’ve seen questions pop-up for these items on forums and social media over the past couple of months. The good news, Fisker has been providing answers, but they are buried in comments, photos, and videos. We understand not everyone has time to go through all the content Fisker shares across social media. Below are some of our findings as of late.

Rear Folding Seats

Latest Fisker Ocean prototype with

Something we noticed the other week was the split folding rear seats in the Fisker Ocean prototype at Magna. If you remember, the Fisker team visited the Magna factory earlier this month to get an update on the production line, check out the latest Fisker Ocean prototypes, and begin prepping for start of production.

In a recent Instagram video shared by the company, you can see the Fisker team check out the rear trunk space of one of the latest Fisker Ocean prototypes. You’ll notice the slits in the split folding rear seats are different than the Fisker Ocean present at Pebble Beach the past few days. The newest Fisker Ocean prototypes have a 40/20/40 split folding rear seat. This is a great improvement from the early prototypes, especially for those that have children or go to Home Depot for weekend DIY projects.

You may be wondering why the rear seats you saw at Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance are different than the latest prototypes at Magna. This is because the electric vehicle at this past week’s event is about 1-year old. It makes for a stunning show car to give attendees a real-world example of the Fisker Ocean. However, it doesn’t include the latest refinements and changes Fisker has made over the past year to further improve upon the vehicle ahead of November 17th start of production. The Fisker Ocean production intent vehicles Henrik will see next month will more or less be the final form of what we should expect to see rolling off the production line in November.

Paint Protection Film

Fisker Ocean Pebble Beach Monterey 2022
Fisker Ocean Prototype with Big Sur Blue Paint Color Option.

There has been a lot of discussion around Fisker’s Big Sur Blue paint color option. For those that are not aware, Fisker will provide two metallic matte paint colors including Big Sur Blue and Stealth Green. One option is a launch color and the other will be available in 2023. Big Sur Blue is beautiful and owners that want to choose that color option want the paint to remain that way.

Now, if you saw the professional photos of the Fisker Ocean at Pebble Beach, you’ll notice how remarkably well the Big Sur Blue paint on this 1-year old prototype is holding up. Don’t forget, this prototype has been on photoshoots and paraded to countless events. That said, it looks nearly brand new since the first day we’ve seen photos of it.

There has been talk about using paint protection film (PPF) on Big Sur Blue and other paint colors. Just yesterday, someone on Instagram asked Henrik, “Do you suggest adding PPF protection for matte blue?” Henrik then responded, “Not needed! This is real OEM high quality.” If you decide to go this route, even though you may not need it, 3M provides an easy way to find authorized installers in your area.

Furthermore, there has been a lot of discussion on caring for matte paint finishes on the Fisker Ocean. In general, when you own a vehicle with a matte paint finish you need to care for it just like any other paint option. However, the care is slightly different according to our research. We reached out to Fisker to see if and when they will be providing care instructions for paint colors, specifically those with matte finishes (e.g., Big Sur Blue, Stealth Green).

Fisker Car Alarm

Fisker Ocean Pebble Beach Monterey 2022

For the past year or so, people have been speculating whether or not the Fisker Ocean will offer some sort of car alarm.

As you may know, the Fisker Ocean will be outfitted with numerous cameras and ultra sonic sensors. In fact, the Fisker Ocean will have one front view camera and four surround view cameras. This technology will be used for Fisker FI-Pilot, but it is the perfect ingredient coupled with the Fisker Flexee App to offer some sort of state-of-the-art car alarm.

Over the weekend, Henrik was asked about whether or not the company will offer a car alarm in the Fisker Ocean. On Instagram, someone said, “You created a masterpiece Henrik. Also I have a question, will it have a form of ‘Sentry Mode’?” Henrik responded by saying, “Our own Fisker version.” It will be interesting to see what Fisker has in store for us around security.

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