Fisker Ocean Range Update Coming Soon

Henrik Fisker said he will soon provide an update on Fisker Ocean battery range as we are still waiting for EPA and WLTP numbers.

Fisker Ocean Battery on the production line at Magna Steyr.
Fisker Ocean Battery on the production line at Magna Steyr.

Today, Henrik Fisker shared a photo of a Fisker Ocean underbody that shows off the electric SUV’s battery. He also provided an update about the battery range of the electric SUV. Well, sort of. He said, “The Fisker Ocean body structure, which is our IP, is designed to house a large volumetric battery pack and extremely efficient Powertrain components, that contribute to our class leading range. Range update shortly…” This likely means we will soon get EPA and WLTP range numbers for the Fisker Ocean.

As you know, we’ve been waiting for EPA and WLTP battery range numbers for a while now. Fisker Ocean range numbers to date have been estimations. Fisker’s website has a disclaimer when it comes to range. It states, “Based on Fisker simulations utilizing EPA standards. Actual results vary with conditions such as external environment, wheel size and diameter, and vehicle use. Official EPA ratings forthcoming.” Once official numbers are released it’s likely this disclaimer will be removed.

As we talked about last night on All-Things Fisker, Henrik shared earlier this week that something is coming in January. We thought it might have something to do with global certification. Now it’s more likely to be Fisker Ocean range numbers from the EPA and WLTP. It will be great if battery range numbers are inline with estimates (see chart below). It’s entirely possible that the actual battery range could be slightly higher too. With less than 20 days left in the month of January, we are on the edge of our seat to find out what he plans to share with us next!

Ocean One/ExtremeOcean UltraOcean Sport
Range350+ Miles340 Miles250 Miles
Range numbers are estimates and pricing excludes government tax incentives.

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5 thoughts on “Fisker Ocean Range Update Coming Soon

  1. great price (in US) for Ultra – don’t understand why Extreme is 20k more expensive with similar specs.. golden interior?
    Also starting Sport version’s price (in US) seems very competitive..
    Why are gadgets and cars so much cheaper in US than in EU? lower taxes?

  2. As a customer waiting for the Pear to be built, I hope Fisker keeps a keen eye on all the battery tech being developed. These new batteries have far more range, cost less to produce and are far lighter. By the time Fisker ramps up production, and gets closer to producing the Pear, these new tech batteries will be in full production at Tesla, and even more importantly the Chinese Zeeker CATL battery, which offers over 400 miles of range for $48k, over 600 miles for $62k. These cars are already being shipped in China and will be in the US this fall…and Volvo is their partner. My point is Fisker’s Ocean has good range, but no wow numbers based on their price points. EV vehicle tech is moving so rapidly, the ranges that may look great now, won’t in 2024. The Pear must offer outstanding range, well over 300 miles for base models, to be a viable, competitive EV by the time it ships (hopefully) in 18 months. Thanks.

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