Fisker Ocean Ramp-Up Timeline Update for US Market

Fisker has provided an update regarding the ramp-up timeline for the Fisker Ocean in the US market.

Today, we want to share an email we received from Fisker, which included an update to their timeline to ramp up production for the US market. According to the message, “Units destined for the US will have a separate ramp-up period that is estimated to start between late May and June.” Previously, Fisker had estimated a ramp-up for US customers starting in the first week of May, separate from the ramp-up for Europe, and with vehicles ready to ship prior to EPA approvals. Based on this information, we can anticipate a ramp-up for the US market within the next 4 to 6 weeks.

The email from Fisker also included an update on the progress of their Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approval process. Fisker stated that they are currently pursuing an official Certificate of Conformity (CoC) with the EPA. Fisker has provided the regulator with a comprehensive vehicle description and range test data. This data was obtained during a rolling road test conducted by a third-party testing laboratory. However, Fisker is still waiting for the EPA to provide a definitive date for the certification. Henrik provided an update a few weeks ago. He said the EPA had requested Fisker to send a physical vehicle for their review. That Fisker Ocean should now be in the agency’s hands for testing.

Where will the first Fisker Ocean be delivered?

Fisker also shared yesterday they have obtained approval from European regulators to sell their Fisker Ocean electric SUVs in Europe. Deliveries are set to begin in Europe on May 5th. The initial trim to be delivered will be the Ocean One, which is the limited edition launch vehicle. Although, Fisker has not disclosed which country will receive the first Fisker Ocean. We conducted a poll during Episode 25 of All-Things Fisker. We asked viewers to predict which European country would receive the first delivery. Out of the 100 people who voted, the majority believe that either Austria (40%) or Denmark (34%) will receive the first Fisker Ocean. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

In Fisker’s words…

Fisker Ocean Certified for Europe
The award-winning Fisker Ocean SUV receives European certification and prepares for regional deliveries to begin on May 5, 2023.

Fisker Preparing for First Ocean One Delivery
We’re excited to share that European regulators have certified the Fisker Ocean SUV for sale, and we intend to start deliveries to European customers on May 5!

We plan to deliver all Fisker Ocean One orders by the end of September while also initiating some deliveries of the Fisker Ocean Extreme, starting in Europe with the US to follow. We’ve also built several mid-trim level all-wheel-drive Fisker Ocean Ultras and produced front-wheel-drive Fisker Ocean Sports for testing and homologation purposes. We anticipate customer delivery of those trims will start in September.

We’ve pursued a dual homologation process for the Fisker Ocean in Europe and the US simultaneously, an atypical approach to adjust production and sales based on regional demand.

This strategy has allowed us to remain flexible while pursuing an official Certificate of Conformity (CoC) with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). We have provided the agency with a complete vehicle description and range test date recorded during a rolling road test at an independent, third-party test laboratory. However, Fisker is waiting for the agency to provide a firm date for the certification. We intend to ramp up production for vehicles planned for European delivery in May. Units destined for the US will have a separate ramp-up period that is estimated to start between late May and June.

Our team is thrilled to begin delivering our launch-edition Fisker Ocean One SUVs soon!

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