Fisker Ocean Pre-Orders Begin Next Week

Fisker Ocean

We are only 7 days away from July 1st, when Fisker will begin contacting early reservation holders about pre-ordering their Fisker Ocean One.

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Pre-orders begin next week for the Fisker Ocean One.

Next Friday, Fisker will officially open up pre-ordering for the Fisker Ocean One. Many have waited over two years for this moment. Now, we are just one week away from Fisker contacting early reservation holders.

The company will begin contacting reservation holders on July 1st. That doesn’t mean the company will reach out to all 50,000+ reservation holders next week.

The company will begin contacting those that reserved the Fisker Ocean in November 2019. We estimate people that reserved up until the end of June 2020 will have the best shot at pre-ordering a Fisker Ocean One.

Fisker Ocean One

There will only be 5,000 Fisker Ocean One SUVs produced. The Fisker Ocean One is a limited edition launch edition. The electric vehicle will be fully loaded with all premium features. It will also include signature features such as Big Blue Sur exterior, MaliBlu interior, 22″ F3 SlipStream wheels, and a commemorative digital signature. Fisker Ocean One will start production in November 2022. Once the company delivers all Fisker Ocean One orders, it will start producing the Ocean Extreme.


According to Fisker, they will start emailing early reservation holders next week. Reservation holders that receive the email will have 7 days to respond. You will need to tell the company what you would like to do. Otherwise, Fisker will move on to the next reservation holder. More details will emerge next week. However, we believe the email you receive will have a few options.

For example, your first option is to pre-order your Fisker Ocean One. Your second option is to postpone your pre-order for a future date. You may choose the second option if you wanted a different trim like the Ocean Ultra or Sport. You may even postpone your pre-order for the Fisker Flexee Lease option. Alternatively, your third option is to cancel your reservation altogether.

Best of luck if you think you’ll be one of the 5,000 that will soon be pre-ordering a Fisker Ocean One. Word to the wise, make sure you begin checking your SPAM folder over the weeks to come. You won’t want to miss your chance to pre-order the Fisker Ocean One. If you do receive an email from Fisker, please share it with us. We will write up an article to educate our readers about all the details.

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2 thoughts on “Fisker Ocean Pre-Orders Begin Next Week

  1. Hopefully not all reservation holders will order an Ocean One. Sitting at July 2020 reservation date will translate to an opportunity to order.

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