Fisker Ocean Photos from Fully Charged LIVE London

As Fisker’s European Road Tour continues, we have new photos of the Fisker Ocean from the Fully Charged Live UK South 2023 event, taking place at Farnborough International near London.

Today, the 2023 Fully Charged Live UK South, a clean energy show, began at the Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre near London. The impressive Fisker Ocean is on display at the Electric Launchpad. Despite being a left-hand drive model, the all-electric SUV looks stunning. It boasts a Mariana exterior, Black Abyss Plus interior, and 22″ F5 Air Glider wheels. The exhibition will continue until April 30th.

This is the second time the Fisker Ocean has been on display in the United Kingdom. Last year, it was at the Goodwood Festival of Speed south of London. We received photos from a reader who attended the event earlier today. When sharing the photos with us, they said, “Best looking SUV without doubt, and it looks much better in person.” We couldn’t agree more. We’ve seen the all-electric SUV in person at three separate locations. For instance, at Fully Charged LIVE San Diego, the Austin pop-up location, and during our visit to Magna Steyr. If you happen to be in the area, or it’s a short drive away, we highly recommend checking it out. This is especially so if you have already reserved or pre-ordered the electric vehicle.

Here are photos from Fully Charged LIVE UK South 2023 nearby London.

Special thanks to Harmony and JB for sharing some of the photos above with us.

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7 thoughts on “Fisker Ocean Photos from Fully Charged LIVE London

  1. I was there to look at the Fisker and the Lotus hoping that the Fisker could save me a lot of money on my next car purchase. Unfortunately the car wasn’t powered up so they couldn’t show the boot size and from the view from the inside it’s just gonna be too small for my needs. I currently have an ipace and the quoted size from the rep was around 20 pct less than that boot so I will have to probably splash out on the lotus. The Fisker is a nice looking car from the front, from the back less so but I still believe its great value compared to other EVs. I think black will be the best colour for it based on seeing that blue in the flesh today.

  2. Was talking to Fisker rep when I was in the car. It’s a pre production model and interior was not up to spec. A lot plastic trim was missing soft/ textured finishes.

    Said a store will be opening at Westfield shopping centre and be running test drives from there around June/July. You can all so sign up for the test drives at the show. Will be opening a service centre but no location yet just said will be near m25 and hoping to run test drives from there as well as other pop up locations around UK.

    Said UK delivery’s for ocean one should start june/July. For extreme around November and ultra & sport said early 2024. Asked if be in Q1 said more likely be early Q2.

  3. Hi

    He just said Westfield. Sorry did not think of asking at the time to see if it’s one in Shepherd’s Bush or Stratford.

What are your thoughts?