Fisker Ocean Paint, EV Charging Partners, & Production Capacity

Fisker Ocean

This Week In Fisker was a slow one on the public news front, but we brought you several stories we hope you like.

The company didn’t release much news, if any, this week. However, we took a dive into Fisker Ocean paint colors. We saw some news out of Fisker’s EV charging partners. And, then thought about Magna’s production capacity of the Fisker Ocean. Oh, yeah, we looked at Fisker Flexee app rankings too this week.

What paint color will you choose?

The Fisker Ocean will come in a variety of color options, but the standard color is Great White. This week we laid out all the different paint options you can choose from. Aside from Great White, all other paint colors are optional. At launch, paint colors are Great White, Night Drive, Horizon Gray, Mariana Big Sur Blue, Silver Lining, and Blue Planet. These colors will come in gloss, metallic gloss, or metallic matte…read more.

Fisker’s EV Charging Partners Have You Covered

Fisker EV charging partners made headlines this week. Allego went public and Electrify America invested in several STEM programs. These two charging networks have enough coverage across the United States and 12 European countries to remove range anxiety customers may have to adopt electric vehicles… read more.

Fisker’s will hit 10,000 units by Q2 2024

If demand is there, revenue can scale as quickly as Magna can produce the Fisker Ocean. At 5,000 units/month Fisker will have a run rate of $3.3 billion annually. Revenue will top out at $6.6 billion without expanding production capacity. Fisker has double the capacity if sales exceed the company’s expectations of 5,000 units/month. With Magna’s experience, we believe Fisker will begin producing 10,000 units/month by Q2 2024 as demand for electric vehicles continues to grow…read more.

Fisker Ocean Production at Magna Steyr (Graz, Austria)

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