Fisker Ocean Orlando Pop Up Location Photos

The Fisker Ocean appeared today at Icon Park in Orlando, Florida for reservation holders to check out the electric SUV.

Today, we received photos and video of the Fisker Ocean from the Orlando pop-up location. Readers and members of Fiskerati Forums had a chance to check out the electric SUV. The Fisker Ocean was near the festive Christmas tree at Icon Park with a massive ferris wheel and carousel as a backdrop. It will be at the Orlando location until tomorrow evening when it departs at 6pm for an undisclosed location!

The video above offers a walk-around of the electric vehicle. You can see members of the Fisker team applying stickers to doggie windows that display the words “pre-production vehicle.” As the day went on, the line to see the Fisker Ocean grew pretty long. At one point there was a one and a half hour wait time to sit in the electric SUV. In a few of the photos you can see a line of attendees waiting to sit in the electric vehicle.

Event goers we talked with said the Fisker Ocean painted in Mariana with MaliBlu interior, and 22″ F5 AirGlider wheels showed well. We were told attendees got to interact with the user interface on the 17.1″ display. One of the coolest things we’ve seen so far from the event is a reservation holder bringing their tape measure. It’s the first time we’ve seen the Fisker Ocean rear cargo area actually measured — hats off to you sir! ?

Photos and video courtesy of Mike Ungerman, David deNagy, Dan4Mike, and Mag48 all Fisker Ocean reservation holders.

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7 thoughts on “Fisker Ocean Orlando Pop Up Location Photos

  1. I do not like the “cloth” looking interior seats. Too me it takes away from the car’s grandeur! It got to be an option to order it with faux (vinyl) leather throughput inside! Otherwise my thoughts are to look forward to the first delivered Ocean One, hopefully to Sean!
    I look forward to reading his expert thoughts about that one!
    I am getting tired of seeing the pre-production model all the time. Let’s see the finished product!
    Overall the car looks great otherwise and I am sure it will be a success!!

  2. Where is that panel shown in picture 39? It does not appear to to be the center console shown in 50. I assume the temp display is the Limo mode for the backseat. In one earlier photo, the limo panel was on the back of the passenger headrest.

  3. The cargo area is much smaller than I would have thought by the size of the vehicle 25 inches from floor to opening, can barely fit luggage in there or any coolers. I’m excited to get my One but at the same time wonder if it really is going to easily do all I need it to do without any regrets.

  4. Do Fisker Ocean qualify for USA $7500.00 tax credit ? Since it’s battery components not made in USA ???
    If’s it’s true can I get my $250.00 Deposit back????

What are your thoughts?